Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sunshine Wednesday

Okay ... the sun is finally out, but hold on to everything ... it is sooo windy out here! Now I now longer see snow on my eggs outside ... because they are gone! I tell ya just can't have anything nice outdoors in my neck of the woods March - April, I punish myself by putting things out that I think will stay put! Anyway ... took a ride over to Hobby Lobby, I don't think that they econonmy is hurting there because Easter items are almost gone, depending on what your looking for. I was there a few weeks back and they had some nice stuff that I just did not pick up at that time. Oh well, guess it saved me money. I am at least working on a project of mine by aging jars and boxes for old time labeling ... have an idea and hope it works out. I will post pics when they dry. That is all that I am up to, need to get moving on some other idea's but things keep coming up .... Have a good rest of your day ...


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