Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Windy Day!

Holy Cow was it windy around here today! Wild winds produced up to 60 mph ... say goodbye to my halloween decor ... it is in the garage for now! Poor Murph had a hard time going out today ~ his poor ears just flapping away! The rains were very hard at times, but we needed it, has not rained for awhile so its good for the fall. Fall leaves are scarce, so I am glad we enjoyed the color changes while we did. Needless to say not much raking will need to be done :) ... anyway just sharing some news of the day with you ~ I am thankful today, it is the one year anninversary for my husband to be working, (Wonderful Company too!) after a three year period of being out of a job. So many still out of work, or their future unknown, so I know how scarry it is ~ Today I am thankful and share the words of encouragement, that everything will be okay, it may not work out the way you want it to, and have to be accepting of it, but all is okay. Well friends, goodnight, and til I blog again may your day be blessed. ~~ Bobbie

Monday, October 25, 2010

New Christmas Textiles Now Available

"Merry Christmas" 13 x 36 Table Runner ($24.99)

"Holiday Cheer" 60x84 Table Cloth ($35.99)

"Merry Christmas" 54 x 54 Table Cloth ($64.99)

"Let it Snow" 13 x 36 Table Runner ($21.99) Also available in a 54 x 54 Table Cloth

Embroidered Kitchen Towels Set of Two ($8.99)

Hello Friends ~ Sharing some pictures of some new Table Runners, Christmas Towel Set and Table Cloths that are now available in my store. These are beautiful quality textiles, and will look great on your tables this holiday season. I also sent out my newsletter from the store. If you have not already, please come on over and sign up. This newsletter is offering a discount through the store website. As always thanks for reading my blog today! May your day be blessed and blog with you soon! ~Bobbie

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good Wednesday to All ~

New Wood Tray ... Love it!
Finally found a home :0)

New Mustard Shelf in my Kitchen

Hello All ~ Hope today brought you a little sunshine :0) ... another beautiful fall day around here ~ we are so lucky! Sunshine is the best medicine! Today was a busy day for me ... attended my bible study with my friends at church, love this group of ladies, we have so much in common and really know what each other feels at times ... I think its great therapy :0) ... then I decided instead of running around doing mindless errands I would come home ... Murphy and I decided to rearrange the family room for the next season ... he found some of his long lost toys ... for me its a good way to do some cleaning ... it also gives me a lift. I am trying each day to "purge" starting slowly but my goal is 10 things a day, and they can be small things, they either go into a big box that will go to Goodwill, or see if anyone can use it...I feel weighed down sometimes with the clutter. Took some new photos of my house, when I posted the last I did not like how some things were so I switched it! Sometimes you need a photo to see what is wrong with a grouping. Well that is enough chatter for now, I have to finish preparing dinner before honey is home :) Meatloaf tonight ... haven't had it since last season! Which also by the way we will be celebrating a year of employment on the 26th! So much to be thankful for! Well until I blog again may your day be full of little blessings ~ Bobbie

PS.... Enjoy the pics ... and comments are always welcomed! Oh and don't forget to stop by the store, I filled it with some new towels, table runners, table cloths for christmas! Yes, it will be here sooner than we want! Check under "What's New" also some new lamps that are just wonderful!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunny Sunday

What a beautiful day today ~ Love the sunshine in my neck of the woods ... great day to watch some football (of course the BEARS) ... make something good in a crock (which I am not! LOL, we are going out to dinner tonight ..yeah!) ...and a great day to post some pics of the house and the halloween spirit! There are a few, comments welcomed! I love to decorate, this year not so much, I am feeling simple this year! Plus I have a few new treasures that I just wanted to admire :) ... Mr. Jackson is a headless guy and Ms. Gretchen with her pumpkin head ... love these new dolls! A few other additions, the white pumpkin and a sign or two! I am in the midst of rearranging some wall groupings so I can paint, would love to before the holidays...we will see about that! Last night we went to a "haunted house" someone in one of the subdivisions goes all out for halloween ~ Love his house, very spooky and very well done! My if only I could accomplish that! We will settle for our tiny graveyard, spooky kitty, spooky tree and cat eyes in the windows! A few light ups here and there ...Love to see the halloween spirit all around!

Well I hope that your Sunday is a great one too! Until I blog again may you be blessed ~~Bobbie

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hello Wednesday ~ Another beautiful Fall Day!

New LED candle stick Night Light ($9.99 plus S&H)
Amanda and Ray (hubby to be)

Amanda and her Father

Hello all ~ Catching up with the blog today :) Today I stayed busy around the house ... trying to decorate a little more for halloween :) I will take some pics and share with you soon ... the new photos for today is my niece's wedding that was this past weekend, what a beautiful weather day she had ~ took a risk with it being a outdoor wedding in October! Sunday we packed up the boys and Murphy and headed out to the country for a few craft fairs ~ Love this time of the year! Found some new treasures :) Our Murphy did so well being around new people, and boy were there the crowds ... good training for him :0) ...Today I was able to finish up some orders, and finally finish the Candle Night Light that I promised awhile back! I grubbied it in my mixture and it really turned out cool! It is now listed in my store for $9.99 plus shipping and handeling. Well our favorite shows are now on so I am being summoned to the family room ... LOL (The Middle and Modern Family) Love those shows! Have a wonderful rest of your day and may you be blessed! Til I blog again ~~Bobbie

Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday October 1st Already!

Punched Willow Lamp ..4-way~ $109.99
Milk House Lamp..4-way ~ $109.99

Wow .... September flew by! Kids are in school for about 6 weeks now and my life feels like it fast forwarded! My oldest is on a "8th" grade field trip to Springfield, IL and he is happy :) LOVES history and I know he will enjoy this one...of course it helps that he is on a beautiful motor coach bus, stopping for dinner at the local buffet and just being with his school friends!He left at 5:30 this morning and will be back late tonight. I said a prayer that they all will be safe.

It is a beautiful Fall day is here in Huntley (except for the clouds that just rolled in) and I am inside cleaning house! Also finishing some orders and of course playing with Murphy. Had to post a few new pics of him ... he is getting big...4 months and 35 lbs. Most of the halloween decorating is done outside courtesy of my younger son, he loves a spooky house...I tried this year. I am hoping to go to a fall festival this weekend, but time is always short for us with baseball. My neice gets married the following weekend, Columbus Day weekend and that is a huge crafting weekend! She forgot to consult me ..LOL. Hopefully it will be a beautiful day for her. Well anyday you get married is a beautiful one.
Well don't forget to head over to the store when you have a chance. Lamps were added ... yes blurry pictures, I don't know why I am trying to fix quickly!
May your weekend be blessed! ~~Bobbie