Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dreary Wednesday

Today is not so nice .... clouds clouds clouds. But I have to stay motivated and get some new things added to the store and such. Time to start to get some Americana in the house too ... tierd of the bunnies, they need to go away, except for the grungy bunny which is my favorite this year. Hobby Lobby had some nice pieces to add to the outdoors and they are on sale this week! I certainly know how to add to this economy. I still have some planting to do in some of my containers also ... hopefully when the sun is shinning tomorrow I will finish that up. My lawn though has a abundance of dandelions, which I treated in the early spring but guess they prevailed. My hubby has a big project to do for the boys, a trampoline is going in the yard. He just loves to put those kinda "toys" together for the kids....LOL. Keeps him busy, and the kids can't wait, and the neighborhood for that matter. Back to painting, gotta finish those projects! Have a good rest of your day!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring is Bloomin'

Finally! Some new blooms are here. I am happy to have been out playing in the dirt the past couple of days. It is a relaxing feeling that I get for some reason. I am though a bit sore today! I started to plant some geraniums and pansies and a couple others, but this year I am taking it easy with the purchasing of so many varieties...I will enjoy what I have...and see what will come back for me this year. I do love my hanging baskets and maybe room just for one more! We will see as the months come along. It is a bit windy here guess that is what is bringing in the warmer weather for us.

Well, Zach had his Medieval days today and hubby and I went to the school to check out all the kids and their hard work on their booths. Zach was a woodworker, and teamed up with a classmate and they both did well. It is such a feeling to see your child grow up and accomplish so much ... and just have fun. I tell you the technology and resources these kids have available to them today is just so amazing to us. Both my husband and I were perochial schooled and it just wasn't this way back in the day! Anyway just wanted to share my day and hope that you are having a nice one also!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Time for a new recipe ...

Okay I am tierd of cooking the same thing so for tonight I am trying a new one out from a fellow blogger .... Amish oven fried chicken, super easy to put together, smells yummy in the oven...hope the picky family will eat it tonight! Zach came home with two projects to complete for tomorrow ... of course he is the one left to do it from his team ... find that hard to believe but I don't want him to get a bad grade so guess I will be up for awhile doing it with him! I guess this is where my creativity comes in handy. One of the projects is constructing a catapult and the other is his booth for the medieval period he is studying, he is a woodworker. He completes the chapter with a trip to Medieval Times on friday with the class which he is looking forward to. Wish me luck on it getting complete tonight! I love these nights of craming! Guess that is what a mom is all about ...LOL. Have a wonderful rest of your day wherever you may be! The sun will be shining tomorrow so I hope to be outdoors a bit ... I have a new rose bush to plant!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Monday!

We are starting off with a bit of rain and a threat of light snow is in the forecast tomorrow! Yuck! I bought the most beautiful hanging geranium at home depot on friday and I want it to stay out ... and not have to go into hiding! I thought I was done with the icky weather! Fridays forecast is near 80 degrees! We are all going to be sick! Anyway the boys played their first game on Saturday and they lost :(. Wednesday is the next one so hopefully a win! :)! I listened to my favorite Monday morning show and received some info to sign up on artfire ... it is another place similiar to Etsy ... but free! (up to 10 items) ... we will see how that works out! It is a very cool site to check out! I am off to the store today, need some capris for the hopeful weather by the end of the week! I hope all who are reading this has a nice day!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

What a day at the Cubs game!

Well the cubbies did not win the game ... but the sun eventually came out and turned into a great spring day ... the boys enjoyed it ... Adam received a ball from a fellow fan and he was greatful ... what a nice guy to do this for him! He knew that Adam was trying for the whole game to get Fukodome to toss one up to him and he did not, so a stranger went and bought a ball and gave it to Adam! There are still wonderful people all around that do such nice things ... big or small ... so needless to say it was a highlight .... Zach got his Sandburg t-shirt jersey and is wearing it today to school & loves it, I think for Zach he appreciated being taken out of school early to go to a baseball game! ... we all had a great family day together....
Today brings me a outpatient doctors appt. with my Dad, hope all goes well, then the boys have practice before their opening game on Saturday ... yep baseball season is here for the Horan family.
I am going to be working on Americana once again, getting ready for the craft show and some new postings on my site and Etsy ... hopefully I can accomlish this today!
Have a great day wherever you may be! The sun is shining, birds are singing so it will be a nice day for me!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The birdies are back!

Well had to get a quick pic of the finches that have been visiting me since I put out the feeder a couple of days ago ... amazing how fast they come! They have been fighting over this feeder so I guess I have to head to walmart and get another! I found it there, very inexpensive must be new for this year 'cause I never seen one for under $5.00! Anyway wanted to post the pics I got of them ... Spring is here! ( I think!!). Got to finish our sign for the cubs game tomorrow ... Go Cubbies!

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday is starting off to a rainy day and will continue the rest of the day as clouds stay with us ... tomorrow is supposed to get better ... thank God because we are going to the Cubs game with our boys thanks to our neighbor who can't use the tickets for the game. Very exciting for us ... the boys especially because they get to be pulled out of school early! They both brought home wonderful report cards last Thursay so I say they deserve it. Anyway today I am hoping to finish some Americana items ... I need to get some things listed and check in some orders. Tuesday will be a busy day for me with me gone tomorrow for the most part of the day. I don't want to fall behind! Have a wonderful rest of your day my fellow bloggers! Oh also joined twitter yesterday ... of you want to follow I am ....couldn't get my whole name for use ... hope this works for me!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

Hello to all that are reading my blog today. I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Easter. This is such a wonderful time of the year for my family and I. I feel it is a time for new things to come. I am expecting a houseful tomorrow so I have to get cooking! One of the traditions that I hold in my family is the Easter basket blessing (this is when you bring the food that you are going to eat for your easter dinner and have it blessed ... it can be your ham/sausage, something sweet, salt, a hard boiled egg, bread, butter, a piece of fruit, wine (if you drink it), and anything else that you may want to have blessed)... I am headed off to do this in a few minutes with my boys and hubby. I am happy that the boys do take a interest in this tradition ... probably because they know that only have to be in church for a half hour or so instead of an the hour and half as they just did for Holy Thursday and Good Friday mass!! I am wishing you a wonderful weekend wherever you may be ....

Blessings to you!
~~Bobbie ~~

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Items Added

I spent a part of my day putting some new things in my store .... a order that I was excited to receive! I have been waiting for 3 weeks for this to show up and it was worth it! All is listed in my store as of this afternoon....I have a few new items: handhooked rug with sheep and willows and it is stunning ... some new towels that would be great for Mother's Day, a new votive jar light ... a unique garden hook and nice table runners ...Americana and Home Sweet Home. One more item that I picked was a new two armed hand forged star candleabra .... some very nice pieces for your home (and mine!) Anyway it will be a busy rest of the week in my household with Easter this weekend ... It seems that Christmas was just here ... the weather sure is still here for us! I always look forward to Easter, it is just a special time to start new beginnings ... whether it be a new project around the home, office or with your kids it is seems it is always a fresh start. For me it is continuing to work on my site, new idea's for my store and the craft fairs coming up, and my garden! I have a few ideas for it this year and hope it works out! Let me not forget the last push for my kids in school, this time of the year it is hard for them to stay on track! I hope that the day has found you well & if I don't get to the blog before Easter, have a blessed one.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Still more snow!!!

It is snowing here in my neck of the woods ... again. When is Spring going to arrive? We had our neighborhood egg hunt on Saturday and the weather turned out nice for the children to run and find the eggs. I am hoping the weather will get better as the week goes on so it will be a nice Easter for us all .... I was not able to craft much the past few days, just busy with a few orders and the kids. I am hoping this week will bring some new ideas to the site. I have done some brainstorming for ideas on Americana themed items, I am going to try to get some of those ideas put to work this week .... until then have a wonderful rest of your day!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pantry boxes

Here is something new that I am working on ... I loved doing this project and more is to come. These are pantry boxes with aged labels that are unique. Two are up on Etsy now and a few more to follow. I am working on a caddy for remotes or stationary and glass jars ... more candles are on the way. Maybe some sewing on Thursday/Friday. I have got some new fabrics to share!

Sunshine Wednesday

Okay ... the sun is finally out, but hold on to everything ... it is sooo windy out here! Now I now longer see snow on my eggs outside ... because they are gone! I tell ya just can't have anything nice outdoors in my neck of the woods March - April, I punish myself by putting things out that I think will stay put! Anyway ... took a ride over to Hobby Lobby, I don't think that they econonmy is hurting there because Easter items are almost gone, depending on what your looking for. I was there a few weeks back and they had some nice stuff that I just did not pick up at that time. Oh well, guess it saved me money. I am at least working on a project of mine by aging jars and boxes for old time labeling ... have an idea and hope it works out. I will post pics when they dry. That is all that I am up to, need to get moving on some other idea's but things keep coming up .... Have a good rest of your day ...