Monday, August 31, 2009

Hello ...

Good Monday to all! Well I have been busy doing absolutely nothing today! Well I shouldn't say that I did mangage to sew a few things ...and check out some other Blogs ...I love to read up on everyone which I have not been doing lately ... but then again I do have more time with the kids back in school. Today turned out to be a very sunny day around here ...harsh on the eyes I might say but I am not complaining did get down to 45 degrees last night (Brrr!) so the pool got drained today ~ sorry to see the end of summer go. Labor day is upon us so we do have some plans ... my second to last time for the Farmer's Market this season. It has been a interesting summer at the market which I have to say I truly enjoyed. I have a few other shows in mind so I better get movin' on them! Hope your day that you are having is a nice one ~ I will blog again soon! ~~Bobbie

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday at last!

Well off to a busy week with the kids back to a full week of school and not to mention Fall baseball season is upon us !~ I love it though for my kids are growing up all too fast. Anyway it has been a busy few weeks with just normal everyday things and of course fall crafting season is upon us all! I have some new Fall items in the store, handmades on ETSY and getting ready for the next few craft shows that I am apart of. Come and check out the cutest Turkey in the store ...and the very different Witches hat both on ETSY and in the store. These are images that are on this weeks blog above. I also have a new Treasure Box full of some great prim's that is available for $19.99 (this is a $35-$40.00 value). It is listed under "Seasonal Handmade" ... time to make room for some new things so this is a incredible deal for all you out there! Snowmen of course are on the horizon, got some cute guys going into rusty buckets ... maybe this week one will make his debut in the store and ETSY ... I am amazed at how many people have checked out the Winter items that I have listed there! Never to early to get the great prim's for Winter I say!! I have a full day starting with the boys alter serving at a funeral :( ....duty call I say to them, then off to their first game and yes, mass at 5:00 for the boys serve the Lord yet again today ... it is good for them! The sun is finally out this AM ~ we had several rainy days, so it feels nice to see the sunshine but how the grass has grown! Anyway til next time God Bless and have a happy day! ~~Bobbie

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hello everyone! Well it is school time in my household ... my how the summer has flown by. The boys start school tomorrow and I think they are happy to begin a new grade, see their friends and have a schedule again. Homework not so much, but it goes with the territory. I have been busy with family life this summer leaving little for my creativity. I do have many new fall items in my store as well as some winter. The tarts for the warmers are wonderful and have been very popular this summer. I have listed some new handmades in the winter department on Etsy so come and check them out when you have the chance to. I will be in full swing now that the boys are back on schedule ... it puts me back in gear ... I love the fall season ... love to decorate for it. Please check back when you can and until then have a blessful day!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's been awhile...

My has the summer been flying by. I am sorry for the lack of blogging. The summer has gone by fast, the weather so-so. The boys have about a week and a half til they start school and they just can't wait !~ LOL. I have been busy shopping with them for some back to school items and such. I have also been busy this summer helping my parents as my dad recoops from back surgery. In some of my time I have been trying to get some things done for the Fall and Winter. I have been doing well at the fairs that I have been apart of this summer. I am trying my craftiness at making some primitive dough ornaments, I think that this would be a nice economical gift for some of the people that touch us during the year. Eventhough the news may say that we are coming out of this recession, I know that it is still tough of many, including my family. I do have a special on shipping this month as well as a sale on my TREEN. Come by and see the store when you have the time. I hope to have some new photos soon. Well just wanted to say hello and hope that you are keeping well this with you soon! ~~Bobbie