Monday, March 30, 2009

A new beginning

Well I have finally decided to cut ties with Ebay ... I closed my store that I had open for about a year. It was a difficult one but I feel I just want to concentrate on my own site and Etsy for now. Ebay's fees are just getting out of hand for me, and I feel that one wrong rating and my standing drops ... Ebay in my opinion just does not protect the sellers anymore. I know that I am not the only to feel this way so maybe that is why it was an easier decision afterall. The sun is shinning here even though it just snowed yesterday. I am in the midwest and the weather plays tricks on us all! I hate seeing the snow on my eggs outside! It is 40 degrees so hopefully the snow will disappear soon. I am looking forward to seeing some tulips and green grass. It always brings a new feeling to me. I am rearranging some of my things in my home, mainly gatherings on my me a fresh feeling and a creative one. I really should be doing something else, but maybe this is what I should be doing ... you know to get the creativity going sometimes takes a new perspective on things. I love to rearrange my furniture too! No one else in the home appreciates it but oh well! Time to get dinner going ... the kids are home from the first day back after spring break ... kinda cranky but manageable. Monday is one of our favorite nights for TV ... 24 is on! Well ... blessings to you for the rest of your day and hope to blog tomorrow ... and bring something new to the site!
~~ Bobbie

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  1. Hi Bobbie...I found you! I totally agree with you on the ebay thing. That's why I started my own web site and also went back to etsy! I still list a few things on ebay because I had a nice following there at one time. But things are SO slow right now everywhere! Sure hope things pick up soon. Getting tired of storing all these creations! lol Hope you enjoyed 24! ~~Annie