Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blessings to you this Thanksgiving

As I look back on this past year ~ I have much to be thankful for. We have our health, home and most of the time happiness. We have our faith, family and friends, and most of all we share alot of love with each other, sometimes it is hard, but at the end of the day there is love in our home and that is most important when raising a family. This year has gone by what seems to be very fast for me. I always say it is because the kids are in school and sometimes life is a blur. This Thanksgving will be spent with my family, a small gathering but lots of great food. I hope wherever you may be that your day is full of blessings ~ Life is hard, but for one day let us feel all of God's blessings.
I am excited that today I received my copy of Country Sampler, January 2011 issue has me on page 58 and a few of the items in my store ~ so exciting for me for this is my first ad. Wish me luck ~
No pics to post today ~ Enjoy your weekend, it will be a long one! I will be up early for Black Friday ... yep gotta love getting up early and shop! Eventhough we need nothing ~ LOL.

Be safe if your traveling ~ May your day be blessed ~~ Bobbie

Monday, November 15, 2010

Snowman Hat on Etsy

Hello .... Sorry for not updating in awhile! I have been a busy crafter! This time of the year we all start to get a bit busier in our lives! My snowman hat has been selling very quickly on Etsy ~ I love this site. In case you are unfamilier, this is a site for the crafter ~ All handmade crafts from all parts of the world can be found here...lots of great unique items ... check it out when you have the time. My direct shop is ....
My home is still decorated in Fall/Thanksgiving, but I am getting the itch for some Christmas! I have some new things for my home that I would love to set out, but I will wait! Christmas shopping is somewhat done ~ few oddities to do, but the boys have their gift bought, now just to hide it! I am early this year on getting things done, but the weather has been on our side ~ Well, I have much to do this week, and feel little time. Wish me luck on getting it done! I will try to post some pics later in the week of some decorating ideas for the holidays.
May your day be blessed! ~~ Bobbie

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Found my cord! Yeah! Was able to download my pictures ~ I am sharing Adam's first band concert, of course Murphy had to take the photo too ... Zach and Murphy (A boy's best friend) ... Adam as a baseball player (he really thought out this years costume (LOL) and our carved pumpkins ... Then there is Murphy in his Pirate's Hat (lasted for about a minute - but he is a ham when it comes to a photo oppertunity! ...Lastly my goose in her Pilgrim atire, yep another Halloween has come and gone! I am thrilled that the sun is shining still on us and mild temps!

Okay back to work! Halloween is down in my house ... time to dust then find the Pilgrims and Turkey's!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Holiday Season Upon Us

PrImItive ChrIsTmaS TreE's ~ Bowl Fillers, on ETSY.


When I think about it I just can't believe how fast the seasons go. I think I blogged about this before, having children just make the time go so fast sometimes. I thought to myself a couple of days ago on how I took my children trick or treating, with the wagon and the dog, and I really thought to myself I hope that I enjoyed that moment in my life. Brings tears sometimes to my eyes ... all I ever wanted was to be a "Mom" and here it is ... am I enjoying it enough? I have been so blessed, and do thank God for it, but I hope that I am not getting to caught up in the bad moments that it overshadows the good stuff! I belong to a group at my church, St. Mary's, and these ladies that I meet really help me understand some of these times in my life. We each help each other in a way...another blessing in my life. Well today is All Saints Day ~ A time to reflect, for me it was at Eucharistic Adoration to beable to sit and be still for a moment in a darkened church, a special time for me.

On another note, the Halloween is down outside, my goose is dressed in her pilgrim outfit. Such a peaceful time, pilgrims and turkies ~ As my readers know ... I love the fall. Tomorrow I will take down the inside stuff, and yes purge the old stuff. I will be donating it to a local second hand store. I am doing well with this area in my life, one big box, a black bag full of clothing and I think one more box will be ready to go on Wednesday! My children are home three days this week ~ teacher conferences. I hope the weather can hold out for a couple of more days of football. So it will be a busier week.

Projects I am working on ... my Primitive Snowman Hats ~ sold a few on ETSY ... wow! Very HaPpY! So working on those since winter decorating is upon us! I have my regular orders to fill, which I am blessed to have... I love my website, love my store, and all the friends that I get to meet through there. Picture posted is my winter tree bowl fillers listed on ETSY, love the pRiM! I also have a newer project, little woolies ... ornaments ~ mittens and stockings, so prim for your tree. I can't post any pics since my son lost the camera cord, need to find it ASAP!

Well that is all ~ I will blog with you soon ~ I hope your day was nice, and til again, may you be blessed!