Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Late Again ..

Where does the time go?  October already - started out very rainy and icky for us but we are in store for a few days if not more than a week of beautiful autumn weather - just in time for all the Columbus Day craft fairs that will be :)  Love this time of the year!  I just am giving a quick little update on the store today - getting to be the busy time, thankfully.  I truly appreciate all the business and new friends that I meet through my store, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your trust in my store.  I try to provide good service, quality products and reasonable prices - Our time and money is precious so I am always mindful of these most important things!  Christmas items are stocked, ready to go out - still fall in my store, and check out the stacking boxes in Thanksgiving colors with pilgrims on them! Unique and only $23.99 - I will write soon - and please be sure to come and sign up for my store newsletter, I will be sending another out shortly!  Blessings ~~BOBBIE

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sunflowers in Bloom

Sunflowers in Bloom

Bussy Bee

Window Paddle, $7.99

Jonny on the Cobb, $48.99

Reflector Candle Holder, $12.99

SpOOky Runner, $18.99

Ghost in the OUTHOUSE!, $8.99

Lovely and Full ~ my younger son decided to plant these seeds in the spring ... to my surprise they bloomed!  He scattered many and we got three nice size stalks - I love when they bloom!  The bumbler's are on them pollinating away :) It is a sure sign of the fall months to come. Cooler temps for the week which I love especially when the kids are back in school ... I have not switched out my seasons yet ... don't know what I am waiting for! It's my favorite time, PumPkIns, CrOws, AuTuMn Colors and such - hopefully tomorrow :)  I think I am just getting used to my kids being gone all day!  My oldest is a Freshman now, he is liking the sort of "freedom" from middle school, so far so good :) He joined the Freshman Football team, broke his arm first day in pads - hopefully he will be back next week.  My youngest, 7th grader, started school for the first time with no troubles :) He plays baseball for our local team here in Huntley ... he is loving his time on the mound.  As for the Murph update - he had a good summer, playing in his pool and such. Last night he decided to take his own walk, well run, around the neighborhood - thank goodness for the neighborhood friends to get him back! He is still a pup...always causing some kind of mischeif!
Well for the store news, lots of new additions came in - always check under "Whats New" I try my best to keep it updated with the current season, one season ahead and everyday items. I rotate it out every month if not sooner.  Please if you have not sign up for my store newsletter, It's a good way to stay in touch and see what I am up to - the holidays are coming and I will be doing some promotions.  Don't worry I do not flood your inbox every week! I am lucky to get a newsletter out once every month!  Eventhough we are in the Autumn months, please take a look over in winter - great santa's, snowmen and other holiday goodies - already a few things have been sold out for the season -
In my previous blog I spoke of a new payment option - it is still available! Contact me for more details - In this economy I especially know its hard so I am trying to make purchases simple and affordable for all.
That is it for now - I am leaving a few pics of Adam's Sunflowers and some new things that were added to the store - AutUmN BleSSingS to you!  ~~BOBBIE

Friday, August 26, 2011

August over ... already? New Payment Plan For My Store

Uh oh ... sorry for the long delay between posts! This is a short one today - Just some store news ... As I am adding new Christmas/Winter and of course Fall I am keeping all my customers in mind - I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get what you would like without paying for it at once - I know many of us are struggling with the economy -- but we still love to decorate!  So what I would like to offer is a payment plan if you wish to use it - simple as placing an order, don't pay, just comment in checkout section you want to make payments - I am flexible with whatever works for you - We can arrange a payment that works for you and however long you want it to be for.  I will send you a bill through paypal, or mail a statement, with whatever amount we arranged - take up to 3 months to pay.  You can pay through paypal, use e-check or even mail a check.  Be careful with the holiday months to insure delivery - Example: You spend $70, you want to pay half now ($35) then divide the remainder over 4 weeks (approx $8 a week).  Once the balance is paid in full your merchandise will ship out - I will notify you of any back-orders prior to shipping.  I hope that this will work for us all.  Please let me know if you should have any questions or problems.  This is a new feature that I hope will ease everyone's pocket books.  I only ask once the order is placed, I receive your first payment within 7 days.
Blessings to you!  I will post again very soon!  Have some new products to share with everyone!  ~~Bobbie

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Fall Items are Arriving

Happy July to all my friends!  Summer is going by so fast - it's been awhile since I posted anything new, I am sorry for that! I do hope your summer is going well - the heat has certainly turned on in my neck of the woods, but its summer and we are enjoying it.  My oldest has graduated, and now is looking forward to Freshman year.  He has joined the football team for the high school and is in the summer camp for it, ending this friday, I am proud he made it through the heat & the training, and lots more to come :)  My youngest finished out baseball and is looking forward to fall baseball starting soon.  His team came in fourth in the County, great moment for him.  My Murphy is enjoying his first "real" summer, he was just a pup last year.  He loves his little pool to cool off in, being outside and trapsing still through my flowers :( ... he is a good boy though. 
As for the store, summer was busy, still is with Americana and other stuff going out - I am adding new fall, and slowly winter/Christmas will come.  I am posting a few pics of my favorites. Please stop by the store when you have a chance to.  I am going to be in the Country Sampler in September, well just the runner from last year is :)  The Snowman Mantle Runner, it was and still is a highly popular item. 
As always I love hearing from you, if you have any questions or comments please email me - I am always available.  Please sign up for my newsletters, I do not flood your inbox, only sent out four or five a year - and be sure to follow my blog - Thanks so much for all your support, I truly appreciate it!
blessings ~ Bobbie
Autumn Leaves, set of 6, $19.99

Four Pumpkins, $12.99

Candy Corn with Mouse, $19.99

Wood Drawer/Shelf, $73.99

Rachel, $20.99

Scarecrow Joe, $54.99

Spookey Spiders, 18" Runner, $18.99

Miss Elizabeth Mouse, $12.99

Resin Pumpkin Set, $18.99

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Welcome June ...weather!

Hello Friends! So sorry its been awhile :(  Busy with the store, thanks to all my wonderful customers :)  and just busy with the end of the school year - today I am sharing some personal pics with you - my oldest Zach is graduating from 8th grade and we are very proud of him - also sharing some other special people in my life :) ... I am thrilled the weather is getting nicer - my flowers are looking great, my outside is coming together - little things make me happy :)  ...
Some updates on the store news ... back in stock is the very popular mason jar solar lid lights, hot item and just so cool to light your summer nights, also some ideas for your rosehips - hankins oval pan and a primitive reproduction bowl, both back in stock ... and new spicy rosehips from the same company that the candles I sell are from...they come in a large pillow pocket and your sure to love them - Rosehips are really nice in the summer for when the sweet breezes come through your window and the scent fills up a room.  Welcome Home is another favorite rosehip scent - Great Primitive Jar candles, LOVE them! Try a tart to see if you like the scent - all scents descriptions are on the right side of my website,  just click the button :)
Every order goes out with a sample of rosehips, I love them and want you to try them ... its my little thank you!  Also don't forget that if using anything as a gift, I can send it to your special someone, wrapped prim and tagged, it is a complimentary service that I love to do for all my shoppers.  I ship all in-stock items usually within 24 hours of payment, using USPS with tracking, and I ship 6 days a week! 
Thanks so much for reading up on me today - I leave you with some pics - many blessings to you ~~ Bobbie

Last day of school :)

Happy Birthday to me! I am ONE!

Adam's Jump-Shot!
8th Grade dance - Murphy had to get in the shot!

Primitive Round Bowl - You will love it! I use mine with a seaonal pillar and rosehips ($17.99)  (I don not light the candle - but you can use a battery one)
Awesome Rosehips ($7.99)

Cardinal Silicone Bulb ($7.99)
Large Betsy Ross Flag on 18" Stick ($3.99)
Hankins Oval Pan, Metal ($13.99)
Betsy Ross Garden Flag ($12.99)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sweet New Offerings ~

Hello Friends ~ Wanted to share a few of new items, and unique ones that I am now offering in my store.  The pastry cloche's, available in two sizes and great for entertaining with and having in your kitchen for everyday use.  The other is a shoe cobbler's nail tray, great for lots of little needfuls, use in a home office for your clips and such, or candies in your living area, or even little candle nubbies or rosehips.  Lots of ideas.  The Americana Tea-Stained bunting is in, and not only useful for the outdoors, or your hutch, but how about draped on a chair?  just tuck the grommet part under - adding touches of the red, white and blue bring the summer into your home.  The functional watering can fountain is a wonderful additon to your outdoors this season.  I also added another penny mat in felt, with daisies. 
I hope your having a wonderful day ~ I will blog soon ~~ Blessings, Bobbie
Shoe Cobbler's Nail Tray

Americana Tea-Stained Bunting

Watering Can Functional Water Fountain

Daisy Penny Runner, Felt.

Pastry Cloche, two sizes available.

Monday, May 9, 2011

~ ~Pictures to Share ~ ~

Hello Friends ~ Hope you had a enjoyable weekend, and a wonderful week ahead.  Mother's Day weekend was very nice, started on some of my flowers and clean-up of beds and such .. much left to do.  I wanted to share some of the outside pics with you along with a few others :)  I will blog soon! Blessings to you ~~ Bobbie

Adam on second base, first game of the season

Zachary holding Quinn on Easter

"Great" Grandma holding Quinn

New Wheelbarrow for the backyard :) Great Find for me!

I love Flowers!  I hope they still look like this in July! Front porch view.

Look really close, there is a finch in the center, surpirsed he let me close :)  Must love the thistle i give him!

My favorite Wood Chair, this year featuring viola's in a aged bucket.

Mr. Mischief ... Murphy almost one year old .. yep he loves eating the flowers.

Front step Flowers ...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to All  I am especially blessed once again this year with my boys. Today my oldest & I had a nice day running some errands, having lunch, planting some flowers by my mom’s house and a trip to my favorite garden center ... my youngest was at Six Flags on a school field rip for band, which long story short we ended meeting him there late afternoon. I am hoping for some sunshine tomorrow ... have my mom/dad and mother-in-law coming for a early dinner...hoping to grill some chicken and such. After mass in the morning the children will probably take me to good ol’ McDonalds for breakfast, everywhere is just too crowded and with company coming over I hat e to be rushed. I hope your day will be a beautiful one.

For my outdoor news, I have a majority of my planting done in the pots and such and hope to take some pics to share this week. I won’t do too much in the ground for fear of the dreaded Murphy, he already got a hold of one pot today when we weren’t looking. ..of course I cried, a beautiful geranium shredded on the lawn dirt and all enjoyed by him ... he is a brat. I hope this week to start on some Americana decorating in the house, time for the bunnies and spring to go away. I love the red, white and blue!

I would like to share a new vendor I have found for my store that makes the most awesome primitive dolls, purely handmade in Tennessee, you are sure to love them. I have two on my site currently, Betsy Ross in Blue and a Prairie Doll, they are soOoo Prim 

Well ...I will blog again this week hopefully – til then may you be blessed ~~ Bobbie

Monday, May 2, 2011

~~ The Merry Month of May ~~

Sweet Garden Prim’s ~ Love the month of May in my zone!  I start to prepare my garden beds, pots and just a general good clean-up – it’s been very rainy and windy and just plain ol’ cold so a bit behind but that s okay as long as summer is on the way!  I am sharing a few of the garden items in my store, currently available.  Thanks for reading today’s blog, I hope to blog some more soon ~ Mother’s Day is around the corner, blessings to all you Mom’s out there J  Have a truly wonderful day ~  Bobbie