Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Monday!

We are starting off with a bit of rain and a threat of light snow is in the forecast tomorrow! Yuck! I bought the most beautiful hanging geranium at home depot on friday and I want it to stay out ... and not have to go into hiding! I thought I was done with the icky weather! Fridays forecast is near 80 degrees! We are all going to be sick! Anyway the boys played their first game on Saturday and they lost :(. Wednesday is the next one so hopefully a win! :)! I listened to my favorite Monday morning show and received some info to sign up on artfire ... it is another place similiar to Etsy ... but free! (up to 10 items) ... we will see how that works out! It is a very cool site to check out! I am off to the store today, need some capris for the hopeful weather by the end of the week! I hope all who are reading this has a nice day!



  1. Hey Miss Bobbie thank you for stopping by my blog.
    SNOW Yuck is right 80's here today hope warm spring weather get's there soon.
    hugs, Cherry

  2. 80's are coming this week! We just finished the rainy part of the forecast for the week! I hope to get some outdoor work done in the coming days! Love your blog and thanks for following me! Take care Cherry!