Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

Hello to all that are reading my blog today. I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Easter. This is such a wonderful time of the year for my family and I. I feel it is a time for new things to come. I am expecting a houseful tomorrow so I have to get cooking! One of the traditions that I hold in my family is the Easter basket blessing (this is when you bring the food that you are going to eat for your easter dinner and have it blessed ... it can be your ham/sausage, something sweet, salt, a hard boiled egg, bread, butter, a piece of fruit, wine (if you drink it), and anything else that you may want to have blessed)... I am headed off to do this in a few minutes with my boys and hubby. I am happy that the boys do take a interest in this tradition ... probably because they know that only have to be in church for a half hour or so instead of an the hour and half as they just did for Holy Thursday and Good Friday mass!! I am wishing you a wonderful weekend wherever you may be ....

Blessings to you!
~~Bobbie ~~

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