Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Time for a new recipe ...

Okay I am tierd of cooking the same thing so for tonight I am trying a new one out from a fellow blogger .... Amish oven fried chicken, super easy to put together, smells yummy in the oven...hope the picky family will eat it tonight! Zach came home with two projects to complete for tomorrow ... of course he is the one left to do it from his team ... find that hard to believe but I don't want him to get a bad grade so guess I will be up for awhile doing it with him! I guess this is where my creativity comes in handy. One of the projects is constructing a catapult and the other is his booth for the medieval period he is studying, he is a woodworker. He completes the chapter with a trip to Medieval Times on friday with the class which he is looking forward to. Wish me luck on it getting complete tonight! I love these nights of craming! Guess that is what a mom is all about ...LOL. Have a wonderful rest of your day wherever you may be! The sun will be shining tomorrow so I hope to be outdoors a bit ... I have a new rose bush to plant!

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