Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sweet New Offerings ~

Hello Friends ~ Wanted to share a few of new items, and unique ones that I am now offering in my store.  The pastry cloche's, available in two sizes and great for entertaining with and having in your kitchen for everyday use.  The other is a shoe cobbler's nail tray, great for lots of little needfuls, use in a home office for your clips and such, or candies in your living area, or even little candle nubbies or rosehips.  Lots of ideas.  The Americana Tea-Stained bunting is in, and not only useful for the outdoors, or your hutch, but how about draped on a chair?  just tuck the grommet part under - adding touches of the red, white and blue bring the summer into your home.  The functional watering can fountain is a wonderful additon to your outdoors this season.  I also added another penny mat in felt, with daisies. 
I hope your having a wonderful day ~ I will blog soon ~~ Blessings, Bobbie
Shoe Cobbler's Nail Tray

Americana Tea-Stained Bunting

Watering Can Functional Water Fountain

Daisy Penny Runner, Felt.

Pastry Cloche, two sizes available.

Monday, May 9, 2011

~ ~Pictures to Share ~ ~

Hello Friends ~ Hope you had a enjoyable weekend, and a wonderful week ahead.  Mother's Day weekend was very nice, started on some of my flowers and clean-up of beds and such .. much left to do.  I wanted to share some of the outside pics with you along with a few others :)  I will blog soon! Blessings to you ~~ Bobbie

Adam on second base, first game of the season

Zachary holding Quinn on Easter

"Great" Grandma holding Quinn

New Wheelbarrow for the backyard :) Great Find for me!

I love Flowers!  I hope they still look like this in July! Front porch view.

Look really close, there is a finch in the center, surpirsed he let me close :)  Must love the thistle i give him!

My favorite Wood Chair, this year featuring viola's in a aged bucket.

Mr. Mischief ... Murphy almost one year old .. yep he loves eating the flowers.

Front step Flowers ...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to All  I am especially blessed once again this year with my boys. Today my oldest & I had a nice day running some errands, having lunch, planting some flowers by my mom’s house and a trip to my favorite garden center ... my youngest was at Six Flags on a school field rip for band, which long story short we ended meeting him there late afternoon. I am hoping for some sunshine tomorrow ... have my mom/dad and mother-in-law coming for a early dinner...hoping to grill some chicken and such. After mass in the morning the children will probably take me to good ol’ McDonalds for breakfast, everywhere is just too crowded and with company coming over I hat e to be rushed. I hope your day will be a beautiful one.

For my outdoor news, I have a majority of my planting done in the pots and such and hope to take some pics to share this week. I won’t do too much in the ground for fear of the dreaded Murphy, he already got a hold of one pot today when we weren’t looking. ..of course I cried, a beautiful geranium shredded on the lawn dirt and all enjoyed by him ... he is a brat. I hope this week to start on some Americana decorating in the house, time for the bunnies and spring to go away. I love the red, white and blue!

I would like to share a new vendor I have found for my store that makes the most awesome primitive dolls, purely handmade in Tennessee, you are sure to love them. I have two on my site currently, Betsy Ross in Blue and a Prairie Doll, they are soOoo Prim 

Well ...I will blog again this week hopefully – til then may you be blessed ~~ Bobbie

Monday, May 2, 2011

~~ The Merry Month of May ~~

Sweet Garden Prim’s ~ Love the month of May in my zone!  I start to prepare my garden beds, pots and just a general good clean-up – it’s been very rainy and windy and just plain ol’ cold so a bit behind but that s okay as long as summer is on the way!  I am sharing a few of the garden items in my store, currently available.  Thanks for reading today’s blog, I hope to blog some more soon ~ Mother’s Day is around the corner, blessings to all you Mom’s out there J  Have a truly wonderful day ~  Bobbie