Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Thursday ...

I think today it is time to take down some of the fall and Thanksgiving and make way for Christmas ...Usually I do not do it this early but I feel I am going to run behind. With the show taking up my first weekend in December it really cuts me down in time. I have had so much inspiration from reading others blogs this morning. I am having luch with a friend today that may interrupt the momentum. As long as I can get it away I would be happy :) that is half the battle. I am not hosting Thanksgiving, usually my sister gets that day so I think to myself why keep this out any longer. Maybe it will inspire me to do more things that I have been meaning to get to. I did get one of my orders in so I can now complete my santa boots ...I have a vision of how they will turn out so let us see ~ Not too much else to report on the crafting part...December will sure be a busy month ... looking ahead I have a few Christmas parties to enjoy with my hubbies new company that he works for, my sons last party in school (he is in 5th grade so these are his last ones) My mom turns 65 on Christmas so I am planning a Christmas/surprise party for her, (of course with the help of my sister), & my mother-in-law usually has the whole family over the Saturday before the christmas I say I am going to be even more busy! Which is good! Anyway have to start on my home with you soon ... ~Bobbie

Monday, November 16, 2009

November in full bloom

Well it has been awhile since I wrote. Lots of blessings are coming to the Horan household lately. The biggest one is my hubby getting a job after what seemed to be hopeless in this economy... the Lord has surely blessed us. Prayers do work. He is starting his fourth week and still it seems like a dream. I am starting to settle back into my routine with the kids and normal household things. A few weeks back I did a show that was wonderful. It was my first official school craft fair and things could not have run more smoothly for me. I am crafting for the next one which will be the first weekend of December. I will be featuring some german twig trees, sleighs with lights, snowman baskets and a few other oddities. I am looking forward to this event. I am also looking forward to decorating my house for the season. I have some new ideas and some furniture to re-arrange. This past weekend I got to do something for me, and that was take a ride to my favorite little primitive country store and pick out a new snowman to come home with me. I love him already and can't wait to set him out. I always make sure that they can stick around for awhile after christmas, for winter is still with us for a few more months. Well that is all for now, I just had to share my good news finally with everyone. I now even have more to smile about! Til next time may you be blessed ~~Bobbie
PS...don't forget to stop in and see what is new in the winter/christmas section of the store...some new things are listed and more handmades are on the way since those sold out at the craft fair. Also stay in touch for my cyber monday special will be here sooner than you want it too!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Christmas added to my store today

Come and check out some of the new items in the Winter/Christmas category. Hard to believe Christmas is around the corner! Some trees, garlands will keep your home simple this season with a few tucks of snowmen & santa's. Adding lights always make it sparkle. I am getting ready for a show this Saturday ...the baskets are ready and a few pumpkins will be out, some really cute handmades ...was hoping to bring along the turkey's too, but they sold out in the year I will have to order more. I am looking forward to this one for it will be the first show I do in November. Anyway just thought I would share with you some of the new things ...til next time ~~Bobbie

Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Monday

What a day ... peaceful for me to set out my Thanksgiving things and rearrange some furniture that I have been meaning to do. My order did not come in so I was not able to get those Christmas Trees started ...but that is okay for I needed a day to be in the house transforming it...and of course dusting! I also added the pumpkin to my Etsy listing today ...a few of my paper mache ones are left for the season. Anyway I hope you are having a nice start to your week ...a few pics of what I put out ... ~Bobbie

Sunday, November 1, 2009

First Day of November ~ All Saints Day

The day started early, unintentionally, with the time change we found ourselves at the 7:30 am mass instead of the usual 9am ...then a quick McDonalds breakfast, back home to take down the halloween, if you know me I just can't leave it up past a day after halloween on the outside. For some reason this is the only seasonal thing I feel I need to switch the day after! Christmas, Valentines, Easter and the Red/White and Blue can stay past the day, but for some reason the halloween just can't! Call me crazy. Anyway the Pilgrims are out, the goose is dressed now it is time for Turkey Day to come...not to quick though! Took the boys clothes shopping ..they "Needed" a couple of new shirts for school and we just had the chance to hang out together while Dad was home watching the Bears game...alone. The week will be busy one for me ...The kids are off for 3 days this week for conferences, I am hosting our Bunco group Friday night, so I need to prepare some goodies for that (and clean my house!) and of course I have my Holiday show on Saturday... so I have some more things to get together....hopefully my trees will be in so I can get those together :) ~ I will be a busy one this week which is good for me! Here are a couple of pics of the outside ~ May your week be blessed! ~~Bobbie