Sunday, August 15, 2010

A New Member of the Family

We have a new member of our family, a 10 week old male yellow lab! His name is Murphy and we love him so much already ... For those that know me we had a chocolate lab named Bailey that we had to put down two years ago. It has been hard and she is missed so much. My husband and I share many great moments in our life with that doggie! If you seen the movie Marley and Me, that was our story almost exactly. She was our "first" and had a mind of her own...I remember moments of me just getting my little Adam to sleep after a battle of overtierdness and she would start barking at a squirrel or whatever else ... I wanted to strangle her but afterall I knew she was "protecting" us. This little guy I hope will give us many memories with the kids who are now a bit older. Zach loves him and now has discovered how hard it is to take care of a 'baby" ...newness has not warn off but he feels the tierdness of getting up with him and watching him like a hawk so he doesn't get into mischief!

For Country Store at Your Door news, I am switching my server sometime this week, the change should not cause any delays but just in case email me if you are having a hard time viewing the store ... I am still open 24/7. Be sure to check out the new fall things available ... decorating is right around the corner! I personally bought a fall goose outfit today ~ SHE needed something new to wear! Won't be long til she is wearing it!

Well til next time I blog may you be blessed with a happy day!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

End of a weekend ...

Well it is Sunday night already ... a bit muggy in my neck of the woods ~ fighting the mosquitos as I try to water some flowers outside! Ugh hate those guys! Anyway it was a nice weekend, not too much that I did, but managed to "help" the kids and their bedrooms! It was getting a bit messy! I feel so much better when things are in order!
I am working on a new project, Candlestick Nightlights, they will be available in my store soon ~ They are just a wonderful new light to add to your home ~ about 3" tall and each have a black base and the candlestick and tip have been dipped muliple times in my wax. They say these will last 11 years! It is a LED light, energy efficient...using only $.12 a year based on a $.08 per KWHR. This LED is brighter than the ones you see on the market. Give your kitchen, bathroom or hallway a little prim lighting at a great low cost! I think they are so pretty. Each one is hand-dipped and will not look exactly the same.
That is all for now ~ I hope your weekend was nice!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Wonderful Thursday ...

Started with a miserable headache .. thank goodness for McDonalds iced coffee to make me feel better :) !! The house is now loaded with kids doing voices for Zach's new stop motion video that he has been working on ... I am happy that he has a interest in video making. It is a nice summer day ~ sun is shining and low humidity ... would love to sit out for awhile but too much to do on the inside.
The decision has been made, thankfully, of who will care for my mom while dad is recovering. It is a big lift off my mind. I hope that all will go well ~ keep saying those prayers!
Country Store is keeping busy, some new fall things have been added ... I love the mini resin pumpkins and the sheep mat ~ and the cutest pumpkin doll! Just darling to put on a table. I received my headless horseman last week from a fellow primitive crafter, Kindered Spirits ... I LOVE him and he is sitting on a shelf ~ too cute to put away eventhough he doesn't belong yet!
Tonight I have a book club get together, the book was "Left to Tell" very insightful, very inspiring that through prayer all things are possible.
Not too much else to report today just wanted to give a quick update on the store and life in general! Hope today is bringing you peace ~ til next time may your day be blessed! ~~Bobbie

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Finally the decision was made..

Well I dropped off my items to Country Sampler today ~ I made up a new basket for the winter/christmas season .. then the mantel runner with the snowmen and cardinals will be joining in .. along with two of the wood snowmen plates ~ hits newstands mid November ..Dec/Jan 2011 issue. Wish me luck!

Had a nice lunch with hubby, but he did not let me visit any of my favorite country stores along the way :( ... there is always next time ~ without hom! :) ...

Anyway some new family news to share ... I will be a Great Aunt! My neice is having her first baby in February ... I am too young to be a great auntie !! LOL. I just pray all will go well ...

It is very humid around here today .. some of my flowers are happy and some not so much...the grass is however green from all the rain. ....but here comes the weeds ...I will have to get out there soon! Also have a new "friend" digging their way under our window well ~ don't know who it is but will soon be evicted!

Anyway ... hope your day went well! Til next time BleSSingS to you! ~Bobbie

Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm back from a few days away ...

~Boys with Grandma & Dad
My boys ~ how they have grown!

Whee---WTG Zach!

Adam's first run! Whee--!!

Sorry All, no updates! WOW August 2, 2010 already! Had a few nice days away with my family in the Wisconsin Dells. I am posting a few pics. Adam's 11th birthday was on the Monday and he and his brother got to go Zip Lining! Whoo-hoo! They had fun. This was the last of our getaways and we had some fun in the sun and water. Now its time to start to get into the "school" mode. Another year is upon us and wonder what it will bring. Yesterday was my mother-in-laws 75th birthday .. spent the day with family, which was nice since we don't see everyone often. Boys had fun seeing their cousins. Summer is just fun I say!

I am busy with the store, continuing to strive with all that I have. Always thinking of some new ideas to bring to the table ~ as all I am sure are! Fall is upon us and there is some very nice things out in the market! I do love the fall for decorating ... it is one of my favorites. Today is going to be in the 90's .. so talking about the fall weather is cooling me down a bit! Today I am off to my Mother's to do her hair. Saturday I sprayed for Ants and grocery shopped for them ... kinda quiet but I know its about to errupt! Dad's surgery is coming fast and decisions are still being made of who will care for my Mom while Dad is gone. Heavy Heart I have when I think about it. I will also make my way to church for Eucaristic Adoration ~ love the church when it is dark and quiet and all you do is think and pray... one time my boys stay totally quiet! Well I hope you are enjoying your day wherever you may be! Til I blog agin may your day be blessed! ~~Bobbie