Friday, May 29, 2009

Last days of May

Can you believe that May is almost over? My how the months seem to fly by. I have said it before, that I feel life goes faster when the kids are in school. My oldest will be turning 12 in about week, and entering the 7th grade come fall. Unbelievable to me since it seems I was just holding him, and watching him roll around the floor! It is hard to look at the baby pictures ... I feel like crying! LOL!! Anyway as I look back and wonder about all the things I worried about I guess they were not so bad, for it has gotten me to this point of my far! Well for this week, I have been busy preparing for the next Market show coming next week, hoping for better weather this time around. I have some new garden stakes to offer as well as towel sets and runners ... can't forget the new candles too! They seemed to be a big hit, so I am hopeful. The start of summer also brings a bit of busy-ness ... between baseball, helping out with the neighborhood block party, a progressive dinner night with the neighbors, graduation parties, helping with the church picnic, and a hopeful few days away for a vacation (somewhere) keeps me busy and gives us much to look forward to this summer.

Today I am working on some new ideas for the store, as always, cleaning house, and taking the kids (and a friend) right from school to go and see Up at the theatre. We love Pixar movies and hear this is a good one. The weekend brings us to the baseball field for a game early tomorrow then hopefully home for the rest of the weekend ... I need to re-arrange some perennials that have overgrown an area. Well that is it for now, I hope that you have a nice weekend with whatever you may do! The pic is a really cute faucet garden stake & a new on the market Saltbox House both available in my store for purchase. I have tiny rusty bucket that look adorable on the stake as well as the raindrop ... I love these! So unique!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Hello to all my friends ... wishing you a Happy Memorial Day weekend. It is a beautiful one around my neck of the woods. Anyway been busy this week with a bunch of things. Painting, rearranging, homework, and housework. All good though. Today we spent a nice day at home and had my parents over for a cookout, when they left we decided to take the kids to see the new movie, Night at the Museum, which was good...but the first one was better. Tomorrow we are headed to the second largest parade in Illinois, Pecatonica IL. It is a very nice parade and with good weather on the way it will be enjoyable even more. I put together a new summer arrangement, I will be posting it on ETSY later, I also have some new aged crates to add too! I love the way they have turned out and the versatilty that they offer in the home. Been busy also with orders, and posting some new items to the store ... towels, runners and candles to be exact. Come and check them out when you have the chance ... they make great gifts for friends and family! Well, that is all for now have a nice rest of your holiday weekend! Pics are of a new runner, towel set, my little Adam still blowing bubbles, and the summer crow wall pocket/bucket... Enjoy!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Well it is Monday here...finished off a few new things and added to Artfire! & Etsy. New photo's to the photbucket and painted some new crates...and still there is much to do. I think that I am starting to feel something coming on, but I am not is slowing me down a bit. Anyway the weekend in my neck of the woods was a nice one. I made it to my first outdoor craft fair for this year and the weather could not have been nicer. I made some purchases like every admiring crafter does. I am excited for the new table/bench that I purchased not knowing where it would go...but if you know me I like to rearrange so it now it perfect in the family room. You will see a glimse of it in a photo that I am posting. Also found a unique bird feeder, which I am not going to use for the little guys for they are poopin' all over my front and backyard...even the kids trampoline...yuck! So it will be a decorative one out there...sorry birdies! Discovered a new bikini for the goose this 11 year old picked it out, a purple one...LOL. Can't forget those dip packets that everyone seems to bring to the shows also...a few new flavors I seen for the summer, pina colada and a raspberry one YUMMY. All in all I really had quite a day at the fair! I hope that you had a nice weekend yourself! I will blog with you soon! Pictured is a new pantry box that is primmed up and tied with twine and sweet annie, use it on a table top or for use as a gift box...My other photo is my very simple Star on a textile bobbin with tin "Americana" sign drapped and sweet annie tucked inside...and two pantry boxes with aged these! You can check them out on ETSY & Artfire! for more details.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Well so they say ... today was a dreary rainy day, again this week. I think they say the rain is gone for a few days and it will be sunny skies for us in the coming days. I think the sun brings a smile and more creativity out of me! I did manage to rearrange some tables around today, take some pics of the Americana that is starting to emerge in my home, and finish an Abe Lincoln hat that should not have taken me as long as it did for me to complete. I tell ya sometimes the ideas are flowing and it is just to get it produced. So since I live in Illinois it is fitting for me to do a few Abe Lincoln hats for the summer season. I will be doing each one a little different, I kept this one simple. It is about a 8" hat made of black felt that is stiffened and stained using my mixture that smells prim, sweet annie all around with few old glory pips scattered ... the hang tag (hung on by way of rusty pin with a bell) has a quote from Abe himself that I really like, so much that it is on my blog. "I have been driven to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go" I don't know why I like this one so much, maybe because I have, like so many others, had so many peaks and valleys in my far. It is a learning experience and guess I really would not have it any other way. Sometimes the events in our life no matter how big or small do happen for a reason, may they be good or bad. So with this I sign off saying to my readers to make the most of your day no matter what.
Have a blessful weekend, may it be a good one for you!
PS..the hat will be listed in my store as well as ETSY

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sunny Thursday

Well today my friends is starting out sunny. We had some storms roll through the area last night, which I don't mind since the rain and lightning is good for the flowers ... as long as my house stays intact! Anyway, I am in a creative mood today so check back to see what I am doing... got some ideas in the Americana category ... and it involves the sewing machine! I have not seen that thing since I made a summer blanket for my mom for Mother's Day! Sometimes we just get in that slump and don't have any ideas, nor the umph to do it. I am also having lunch with some friends that I used to work with & can still call them friends eventhough we don't see each other everyday.... looking forward to it. So, what will your day bring ....I hope whatever you need or want to accomplish... blog with ya soon! Blessings!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Monday!

Hello to everyone! I hope that your Mother's Day was a beautiful one. I know that I had a nice simple day spent with my boys and hubby ... and dinner with my parents. The weather was okay this weekend, and the fair on Saturday turned out better than expected. Today I am going to be working on some new ideas to enhance my Americana collection. This week I hope to be more productive in the creativity department! I have also ordered in some new candles for my store, and some new runners and towel sets. They seemed to have been a big hit at this past show and really are pretty (make nice gifts too!) Be sure to check out my store when you have the chance to do so. Have a wonderful Monday and will post some pics soon.

Friday, May 8, 2009

New Item

Finally some new things that I have been doing, besides my normal housework and playing in the dirt! I have a show to do tomorrow and hope that it will be a half way descent day weather wise. Today brought us lots of sunshine so it took me outdoors to paint some crates. I do love to paint and make things look old. Anyway here is a pic of a new item that I will be listing on Etsy, Artfire and in my store. Have a great weekend everybody and Happy Mothers Day to all the Mom's out there!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Beautiful May Day

Today was a great day to be outside. Some new pics of some of my planters ... I found the buckets for the fence in the shed, I have not put those out in years and I wonder why cause they are so darn cute! Lets hope the flowers like the new home. This is the cutest froggie planter that I bought for my mom for Mothers Day ... hmm he sure looks cute on my chair!

My day started with a nice breakfast at Panera with a friend, then the dreaded grocery store, but then the rest of the day just messing around in the dirt. I also managed to get to my parents to do all their planting for them too. I really do love to do it and know it makes my mom smile....Dad not so much since he has to do all the watering! Anyway I took a few more pics of my things ... I hope that you had a nice day with whatever you acomplished. Til next time, have a blessful day. Tomorrow brings for me the finishing touches to some new things I am working on and getting ready for the fair I am in .... wish me luck!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Finally May is here!

Well after a long week of some dreary weather we had a sunny coolish kinda day. Perfect for the boys to play their baseball game, which they won and do some more planting. I am happy to have my planters done so hopefully they will be in some prime blooming in the next week or so. I am usually pretty happy at this time of the season because everything looks so fresh and well, by the time primetime summer rolls around my flowers look pretty sad no matter how much water and food I may give to them, but I try. I am also busy with getting some of my projects done and will be posting some new things in the coming days. I have some nice pantry boxes with the Americana theme coming and some grungy jars with sweet annie also some wood trays with antique labels. For now I am content with my painting and will be back to sewing soon.... you know Fall comes just as quick as the spring/summer and it will be time for those pumpkins. Well hope your Saturday was productive as well as relaxing! Have a blessful Sunday!