Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Friday

Snowman Mantle/Shelf Runner ($45.99)

Glass Votive/Tealight Holder ($20.99)

Handmade Twig Wall/Table Baskets ~ variety of styles for 2010. ($39.99 - $42.99) THIS oNE is SolD ~ others available...Thanks much!

Did you ever think that you were doing something nice for someone and they turn around and write you a very unfriendly note back? I always thought of myself as being helpful and just generally nice but I was stunned today with an exchange ~ won't go further but I feel kinda sad about it....I really didn't do anything wrong especially when it was welcomed ~ oh well life goes on.
I do hope that you are having a good day yourself ~ this weekend we will take a few days to be with our kids at a waterpark .. they love it and it is a little realxing for us now that they are older. I wll be available to answer any questions just no shipping until Thursday.
I have (I think) finally decided what will go into the Country Sampler magazine (Distribution third week of Novemeber) ~ I wanted to stay with somethings that can be kept out longer in the season, and be used all year long the three are chosen ... a mantle runner that features snowmen and cardinals, my snowman twig basket for a wall or table with removeable candy cane (different styles are available) and the glass votive/tealight holder that comes with a battery tealight. Hopefully the designers will make these look nice together! I bet they will! I love this magazine.
Well I am off to do some grocery shopping for my parents, my mom is home and doing well ... we have some help a few days a week but my Dad really needs more than what I can give at this time ... wish me luck on finding someone!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some New Things to Share

8oz. Log Cabin Grungy Jar ($10.00) 50 hour burn time
Pantry Melts ($4.25 ea.) Place in a bowl, crock, shelf, or use in your tart warmers.

Hello Friends! Today was a busy day for me ... working on my website, still figuring out what to put in Country Sampler, and just updating ... did however manage some time in the sun, and of course some house cleaning! It is summer, so I lag on that sometimes! I at least did a little rearranging .. you know me I love to do that! My candle order arrived today with a couple of new things ... Pantry Melts ~ love them! I have them in lavender and 1821 and are they fragrant! Check under candles for those. They look great in a bowl, shelf or a crock. You would not believe how fragrant the room smells (of course I had to try them out!) they can also be used in your wax warmers ... Another candle I ordered is my ever so popular log cabin, this time in a grungy jar so it is versatile ~ once the candle is done being used drop in a votive or even a battery taper for a nice glow to a great primitive candle holder! I am expecting another order in on Friday, so I will be busy stocking for part of the day ~ but I do have my "helpers"!

I will be on vacation Sunday through Wednesday but will still be around to address any questions so please email me. Orders will ship out on Thursday or Friday.

I am thinking to myself that the summer is going by so fast now ~ before I know it the boys will be in school ~ another school year to make me feel old! LOL. August is around the corner. The weather has been hot but wonderful to beable to be out doing things instead of the trapping feel of snow! I love the four seasons, don't get me wrong but not ready yet!

Well I hope that your day was good for you! Until I blog again have a blessful day! ~~Bobbie

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Summer Weekend ...

Sweet Snowman Topper (26.99)
Mantle/Shelf Runner ($44.99)
Wood Mantle Clock ($31.99)

My it was warm this weekend .. but I will take it over the long winter months! Not much to our weekend ... busy with just family "stuff" ... tonight however I am busy with the store. I am figuring out what I am going to put into the Country Sampler issue that will be on the stands the 3 week of November ... I think it will be a snowman, mantle runner and maybe this mantle clock ... big decisions to make! I have been busy adding things to the store as well ... yes Fall and Winter will approach quickly. I did manage to get out to a new Country Store that I have not been to, but happy I made the trip ~ what a lovely place just to roam around. Of course I bought a couple of things, but of course with my birthday money that I am saving for these kind of days! I am also in the thinking process of changing some things around in my house ~ kinda getting the itch to change around the furniture..if you know me I love to rearrange! I will see what I can get done this week for it will be a busy one with my mom coming home and of course the kids being home ... I will miss them when they start school ... Well I hope that your weekend was nice! May your days be blessed until I blog again! ~~Bobbie

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Thursday!

Disney Vacation 2010 - Epcot, it was soOo hot!!
Zach and Adam on Father's Day (Brotherly Love)

Starting out with clouds ~ and it is humid! Ugh. Well got up and went grocery shopping early, so the popsicles wouldn't melt for the boys! Had to re-stock, for it is summer in full swing around here with the kids ... I am off to see my Mom, she will be coming home on Tuesday ~ its been a long couple of weeks but it is best for her, and my dad I am sorry to say it gives him a much needed break. We thankfully now will have some extra help coming in to assist in taking care of her. It will be 6 years tomorrow since her stroke happened. We are lucky to still have her, but I will admit it is hard sometimes....alot of prayers are needed always! She suffered it fairly young (59) and not a day goes by that I just wonder why. I feel bad for my parents that they can't enjoy retirement like so many others get to, so my philosophy is enjoy it when you can for you never know what today will bring.
It is two years since we lost our Bailey .. our sweet chocolate lab ~ she was alot like the movie Marley and Me ... she was our first. My husband and I still laugh at when we went to get her him saying "How are we ever going to take care of a dog?" Two kids and almost 17 years later here we are. Time goes fast and I miss her dearly. My oldest is begging for another pup, just can't do it yet, but I am sure we will be broken by the end of summer.
I also wanted to share a little something that a friend wrote on her facebook page .. I really like it. Thanks Laura Gillespie!!

There comes a time in life when you walk away from all the pointless drama and people who create it, and surround yourself with people who make you laugh so hard that you forget the bad and focus on the good. Life is too short to be anything but happy!

I added two picks to say how much I love my kids and husband, not a day goes by that I am not thankful for them! Anyway with that said, have a blessful rest of your day! ~~ Bobbie

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

There's a Reason

There's a Reason
For every pain that we must bear,
For every burden, every care
There is a Reason.
For every grief that bows the hand
For every tear that is shed
There is a Reason.
For every hurt, for every plight
For every lonely, pain racked night
There is a Reason.
But if we trust God as we should
It will all work out for our good
He knows the Reason
Wanted to share this with all of my readers today ... I really love it. Please copy, print and share it ... I think it is a lovely prayer. Have a blessful rest of your day ~~ Bobbie

Monday, July 12, 2010

New Gathering/Grouping Category

Primitive Scoop (metal scoop and wood handle) ...and Orange Clove Rosehips...(these smell wonderful!) $22.95

Primitive Embroidered Towel with 8 oz. Primitive Candle ...scent called Simplify and has a 40-50 hour burn time. $20.95 ~Make for a very nice friend gift!

Primitive Wood Sconce, 12" long, painted and dipped in beeswax, 2" Primitive Combo Candle Wreath & a Grungy Clove Taper Candle. $28.95

Primitive Wood Candle Tray, painted and sealed, Rusty Star Accent, 8 oz. Primitive Candle (40-50 hr. burn time)...scent called Simplify, 4" primitive candle ring with rusty stars. $25.95

Hello to All and happy Monday! I have added a new feature to my website called Gathering/Gatherings. I thought that this may be a nice feature for those who need help in deciding what to put together. I am also able to discount the pieces that I put together so its a nice price break. I am showing a few pictures here and if you would like can purchase from the blog by emailing me and I will send a bill through paypal or you can send me a check, (address below)~ just know I usually hold for 7 days. All the prices include shipping and handling to the all the states in the USA ... Candadian friends please add $10.00. I ship USPS, with tracking information provided. If you need any additional information you can find it on my website, or contact me, I am always here to help. Thanks to all who come and read my blog, and I hope you stay for awhile! Have a blessful rest of your day ~~Bobbie
Checks or money order made payable to:
Roberta Horan
10544 Somerset Lane
Huntley, IL 60142
PS.... I just listed new handmade fall items on ETSY ... come and check them out!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Friday Night Outing ..

Hello friends! Just wanted to share a few pictures of my sons baseball team outing ~ I am a true Cubs fan, but had the opportunity to go to the White Sox game with my sons baseball team ... it was very cool ~ we got to walk on the field ...he loved it! Spent lots of time with his friends that he has met, and hopes to keep up with the friendships! He had a great season with this team, and so did I as a "Mom"! The night was finished off with fireworks that were absolutely fabulous. Tonight we are off to see the Gin Blossoms at our local Rib Fest ... then tomorrow we will hopefully just relax a bit and visit with my mom in the hospital rehab, she is recovering from MRSA ... anyway hope your day is going well! Have a blessful rest of your weekend, until I blog again! ~~ Bobbie

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Good Thursday ...

And what will today bring to me I ask myself? Sunny skies but rain in the forecast, a bit warm today -- mid 80's and humid. Not my favorite weather but I will take it over the cold and snow. My flowers are trying their hardest to stay with me but I think some have to go ... how pretty it looks in the beginning of planting season! Oh well, guess they will need a "haircut"! LOL. I can't believe that July 4th has come and gone, and yes the boys feel the countdown has begun! Hope not to quickly. My younger son and I are going to the White Sox game tomorrow night with some of his teammates and Mom's ... it will be fun, but I am a CUB fan and that won't change! But it was a good deal and it is time spent with just one of my boys. Saturday is the local Rotary Rib Fest and I am looking forward to it ... one of the bands that will be there are the Gin Blossoms! I love this band and will be happy to enjoy a night out with my neighbors and friends ... oh and the kids! After last weekend of it being uneventful for the 4th, I feel like we will be out doing something for this one! The weekends go by so fast! My big 40 was nice, can't remember if I blogged about it ...LOL old age! Few friends and family, nice and quaint. My hubby actually bought me a stitchery that I was eyeing from someone on Ebay! He made sure he won it for me! "Growing old can be fun if you do it with the right people" how sweet and true. I am posting the picture of it along with where I put it!

Today I will also be going to visit my Mom, we had to move her to a skilled facility (rehab) for about 10 days, so I need to wash her hair today ~ that always makes someone feel better :) I try my best but sometimes I don't feel like I am! The boys will make the trip to see Grandma as well. Please say a prayer for her, and me!

And lastly, if you have not already please come and see the store, I added some new tapers both battery and regular. I also have some new grubby silicone light strands that would look great on your pip garlands! These are very popular!

Until I blog again have a blessful day! ~~ Bobbie

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beautiful Start ..

What another sunshine day! Just beautiful ... Yesterday we spent the day at Six Flags with our neighbor friends and kids (9 of them with their friends!) and the day had arrived where we adults went one way and they went the other ... wow my boys are growing up! They all had a great day together ... my oldest is still sleeping!
Just an update that Zach won his game on Tuesday night ... we could not be prouder of him. He went 4 for 4 and drove in 4 of the 21 runs for the game. They are in the championship game set for Friday night. Yes, please give another prayer to the Pirates, they are the underdogs. It is nice for my son to be on a winning team!
I can't believe that it is already another holiday weekend! Please summer don't go by too quickly! Whatever your plans are for the holiday I hope they are fun and safe. Until I blog again have a blessful day! ~~ Bobbie