Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Items Added

I spent a part of my day putting some new things in my store .... a order that I was excited to receive! I have been waiting for 3 weeks for this to show up and it was worth it! All is listed in my store as of this afternoon....I have a few new items: handhooked rug with sheep and willows and it is stunning ... some new towels that would be great for Mother's Day, a new votive jar light ... a unique garden hook and nice table runners ...Americana and Home Sweet Home. One more item that I picked was a new two armed hand forged star candleabra .... some very nice pieces for your home (and mine!) Anyway it will be a busy rest of the week in my household with Easter this weekend ... It seems that Christmas was just here ... the weather sure is still here for us! I always look forward to Easter, it is just a special time to start new beginnings ... whether it be a new project around the home, office or with your kids it is seems it is always a fresh start. For me it is continuing to work on my site, new idea's for my store and the craft fairs coming up, and my garden! I have a few ideas for it this year and hope it works out! Let me not forget the last push for my kids in school, this time of the year it is hard for them to stay on track! I hope that the day has found you well & if I don't get to the blog before Easter, have a blessed one.


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