Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dreary Wednesday

Today is not so nice .... clouds clouds clouds. But I have to stay motivated and get some new things added to the store and such. Time to start to get some Americana in the house too ... tierd of the bunnies, they need to go away, except for the grungy bunny which is my favorite this year. Hobby Lobby had some nice pieces to add to the outdoors and they are on sale this week! I certainly know how to add to this economy. I still have some planting to do in some of my containers also ... hopefully when the sun is shinning tomorrow I will finish that up. My lawn though has a abundance of dandelions, which I treated in the early spring but guess they prevailed. My hubby has a big project to do for the boys, a trampoline is going in the yard. He just loves to put those kinda "toys" together for the kids....LOL. Keeps him busy, and the kids can't wait, and the neighborhood for that matter. Back to painting, gotta finish those projects! Have a good rest of your day!

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