Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring is Bloomin'

Finally! Some new blooms are here. I am happy to have been out playing in the dirt the past couple of days. It is a relaxing feeling that I get for some reason. I am though a bit sore today! I started to plant some geraniums and pansies and a couple others, but this year I am taking it easy with the purchasing of so many varieties...I will enjoy what I have...and see what will come back for me this year. I do love my hanging baskets and maybe room just for one more! We will see as the months come along. It is a bit windy here guess that is what is bringing in the warmer weather for us.

Well, Zach had his Medieval days today and hubby and I went to the school to check out all the kids and their hard work on their booths. Zach was a woodworker, and teamed up with a classmate and they both did well. It is such a feeling to see your child grow up and accomplish so much ... and just have fun. I tell you the technology and resources these kids have available to them today is just so amazing to us. Both my husband and I were perochial schooled and it just wasn't this way back in the day! Anyway just wanted to share my day and hope that you are having a nice one also!



  1. Love the pics! Did some gardening myself over the weekend and I'm STILL hurting! Love that little chair with the welcome sign. I want that so bad! ~~Annie

  2. It is one of my fav's too! My mom let me take it from the summer home years back ... she did not need it ...LOL!