Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Late Again ..

Where does the time go?  October already - started out very rainy and icky for us but we are in store for a few days if not more than a week of beautiful autumn weather - just in time for all the Columbus Day craft fairs that will be :)  Love this time of the year!  I just am giving a quick little update on the store today - getting to be the busy time, thankfully.  I truly appreciate all the business and new friends that I meet through my store, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your trust in my store.  I try to provide good service, quality products and reasonable prices - Our time and money is precious so I am always mindful of these most important things!  Christmas items are stocked, ready to go out - still fall in my store, and check out the stacking boxes in Thanksgiving colors with pilgrims on them! Unique and only $23.99 - I will write soon - and please be sure to come and sign up for my store newsletter, I will be sending another out shortly!  Blessings ~~BOBBIE