Thursday, April 16, 2009

What a day at the Cubs game!

Well the cubbies did not win the game ... but the sun eventually came out and turned into a great spring day ... the boys enjoyed it ... Adam received a ball from a fellow fan and he was greatful ... what a nice guy to do this for him! He knew that Adam was trying for the whole game to get Fukodome to toss one up to him and he did not, so a stranger went and bought a ball and gave it to Adam! There are still wonderful people all around that do such nice things ... big or small ... so needless to say it was a highlight .... Zach got his Sandburg t-shirt jersey and is wearing it today to school & loves it, I think for Zach he appreciated being taken out of school early to go to a baseball game! ... we all had a great family day together....
Today brings me a outpatient doctors appt. with my Dad, hope all goes well, then the boys have practice before their opening game on Saturday ... yep baseball season is here for the Horan family.
I am going to be working on Americana once again, getting ready for the craft show and some new postings on my site and Etsy ... hopefully I can accomlish this today!
Have a great day wherever you may be! The sun is shining, birds are singing so it will be a nice day for me!


  1. Bobbie...glad you had a nice day at the ballpark! I LOVE Wrigley Field, especially the neighborhood feel it has! Three of my brothers and all their families live in the Chicago area and I spent my summers there as a kid. They are all huge Cub fans. I still like the Cubs because they now have our beloved Lou! We made it to the home opener of the Seattle Mariners game on Tuesday. What fun going to the games! We'll be back there on Saturday! I, too, am working on Americana for my site and Etsy! So back to work for me! ~~Annie

  2. Hi Annie ... the pics came out great of the eventual blue sky we had that day! Wrigley field is great especially when the ivy blooms! It is great to catch a game once and awhile and a thrill for the kids! ~~Bobbie