Monday, March 30, 2009

A new beginning

Well I have finally decided to cut ties with Ebay ... I closed my store that I had open for about a year. It was a difficult one but I feel I just want to concentrate on my own site and Etsy for now. Ebay's fees are just getting out of hand for me, and I feel that one wrong rating and my standing drops ... Ebay in my opinion just does not protect the sellers anymore. I know that I am not the only to feel this way so maybe that is why it was an easier decision afterall. The sun is shinning here even though it just snowed yesterday. I am in the midwest and the weather plays tricks on us all! I hate seeing the snow on my eggs outside! It is 40 degrees so hopefully the snow will disappear soon. I am looking forward to seeing some tulips and green grass. It always brings a new feeling to me. I am rearranging some of my things in my home, mainly gatherings on my me a fresh feeling and a creative one. I really should be doing something else, but maybe this is what I should be doing ... you know to get the creativity going sometimes takes a new perspective on things. I love to rearrange my furniture too! No one else in the home appreciates it but oh well! Time to get dinner going ... the kids are home from the first day back after spring break ... kinda cranky but manageable. Monday is one of our favorite nights for TV ... 24 is on! Well ... blessings to you for the rest of your day and hope to blog tomorrow ... and bring something new to the site!
~~ Bobbie

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Well it is Sunday night and the kids are somewhat, in my opinion, excited to go back to school. I guess if you would ask them they would say "one more day please". I think that it is good to get back into the routine of whatever your daily schedule may bring. For me it is now getting up, making sure they brush their teeth, comb the hair and eat something ... and of course the lunches. Which for my older one is easy because he eats at school ... the younger one is my picky eater ... it is a joy to figure out what he might eat for the days lunch and snack ... yep he still gets his "snack time". My hubby laughs because growing up we never got the snack time in school ... I guess we are turning into our parents .. "you know when I was in school...". Anyway, I too am glad to get back onto schedule. I have been in a creative funk and need to get some ideas together for I am in a few craft shows coming up. They will be my first and I am a bit nervous but excited to do something new in my life. One never knows what to expect, but I guess that is the chance we take. A few new things came to my website and Etsy store this week ... I am working on some new things for the coming week and hope it comes out just the way I would hope it to! Until the next time I blog .... have a pleasant day and may you be blessed in whatever you are attempting to acheive.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Friday!!

Okay Friday is here! Well the kids are not happy ... so it is the last day of their spring break! Anyway we took them to see Aliens vs Monsters, and well it was okay. I was hoping for more humor but the kids enjoyed it and that is all that matters ... we took a walk around a historic town near home, Woodstock, IL ... Groundhog Day was made in this town and it is just a beuatiful place to visit. The sun was shining but a little nippy ... we keep getting teased with the weather temps going up and down....we are actually expecting some snow tonight into tomorrow!! I do not want to see snow on my eggs outside!! Well that is about all ... think I am headed to the workshop to do some things for the store ... come and visit!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break


Well we had a great couple of days ... we headed out to a few of our favorite spots since the kids are on spring break. This picture is of my two boys, Zach age 11 and Adam age 9. They are photographed in front of a waterfall in Apple Canyon Lake, IL. My how the water is flowing! Made me a bit nervous .... but very cool to see again.

Anyway ... I was able to browse a few of my favorite prim stores along the way, which I love to do, and found an adorable bunny. Eventhough I am a crafter it is nice to have someone elses creation! The boys (and us too!) got to enjoy the pool at the hotel we were staying at, and Grandma and Grandpa (who were along for this short trip also) got to enjoy a little gambling at the nearby casino ... which they lost ... oh well .... they had fun ... and so did we. It is nice to enjoy the little things with your family no matter how big or small they may be. Everyone got to do something that they liked this short time away. Well, hopefully tomorrow I will have my act together and start to work on some new ideas for my store. Have a lovely rest of your day ... or night!

~~ Bobbie

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A couple of days away

Hello and happy Wednesday to all! I hope it is a sunny day where you are. For me in the midwest it is a rainy and cool one. Today I am off to get some inspiration .... everyone needs it from time to time. I am taking 2 days to be with my family and just roam the country. My kids are on break and actually love to take a ride ... especially to stay at a hotel with a pool! I am hoping to find some new Prim ideas to bring into my home and also to receive some inspiration to create new things...I am going to be working on some things with vintage labels. I am excited for this upcoming project of mine! Well that is all for now ... have a wonderful and blessful rest of your day wherever you may be.

Monday, March 23, 2009

First day of spring break

Hello .... I have finally started my blog with a bit of help! I will try to keep it updated! Today is the first day of spring break for my two kids! Too bad it started with a bit of rain! Anyway it will be touch and go for the rest of the week weather wise. I am finishing off some bunnies and waiting on a few orders to come my way so I can get them logged into my website by the end of the week .... with the kids home and stuff to finish up, I am sure the week will go by fast ....
~~ Bobbie