Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Friday

Snowman Mantle/Shelf Runner ($45.99)

Glass Votive/Tealight Holder ($20.99)

Handmade Twig Wall/Table Baskets ~ variety of styles for 2010. ($39.99 - $42.99) THIS oNE is SolD ~ others available...Thanks much!

Did you ever think that you were doing something nice for someone and they turn around and write you a very unfriendly note back? I always thought of myself as being helpful and just generally nice but I was stunned today with an exchange ~ won't go further but I feel kinda sad about it....I really didn't do anything wrong especially when it was welcomed ~ oh well life goes on.
I do hope that you are having a good day yourself ~ this weekend we will take a few days to be with our kids at a waterpark .. they love it and it is a little realxing for us now that they are older. I wll be available to answer any questions just no shipping until Thursday.
I have (I think) finally decided what will go into the Country Sampler magazine (Distribution third week of Novemeber) ~ I wanted to stay with somethings that can be kept out longer in the season, and be used all year long the three are chosen ... a mantle runner that features snowmen and cardinals, my snowman twig basket for a wall or table with removeable candy cane (different styles are available) and the glass votive/tealight holder that comes with a battery tealight. Hopefully the designers will make these look nice together! I bet they will! I love this magazine.
Well I am off to do some grocery shopping for my parents, my mom is home and doing well ... we have some help a few days a week but my Dad really needs more than what I can give at this time ... wish me luck on finding someone!

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