Thursday, July 8, 2010

Good Thursday ...

And what will today bring to me I ask myself? Sunny skies but rain in the forecast, a bit warm today -- mid 80's and humid. Not my favorite weather but I will take it over the cold and snow. My flowers are trying their hardest to stay with me but I think some have to go ... how pretty it looks in the beginning of planting season! Oh well, guess they will need a "haircut"! LOL. I can't believe that July 4th has come and gone, and yes the boys feel the countdown has begun! Hope not to quickly. My younger son and I are going to the White Sox game tomorrow night with some of his teammates and Mom's ... it will be fun, but I am a CUB fan and that won't change! But it was a good deal and it is time spent with just one of my boys. Saturday is the local Rotary Rib Fest and I am looking forward to it ... one of the bands that will be there are the Gin Blossoms! I love this band and will be happy to enjoy a night out with my neighbors and friends ... oh and the kids! After last weekend of it being uneventful for the 4th, I feel like we will be out doing something for this one! The weekends go by so fast! My big 40 was nice, can't remember if I blogged about it ...LOL old age! Few friends and family, nice and quaint. My hubby actually bought me a stitchery that I was eyeing from someone on Ebay! He made sure he won it for me! "Growing old can be fun if you do it with the right people" how sweet and true. I am posting the picture of it along with where I put it!

Today I will also be going to visit my Mom, we had to move her to a skilled facility (rehab) for about 10 days, so I need to wash her hair today ~ that always makes someone feel better :) I try my best but sometimes I don't feel like I am! The boys will make the trip to see Grandma as well. Please say a prayer for her, and me!

And lastly, if you have not already please come and see the store, I added some new tapers both battery and regular. I also have some new grubby silicone light strands that would look great on your pip garlands! These are very popular!

Until I blog again have a blessful day! ~~ Bobbie

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