Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some New Things to Share

8oz. Log Cabin Grungy Jar ($10.00) 50 hour burn time
Pantry Melts ($4.25 ea.) Place in a bowl, crock, shelf, or use in your tart warmers.

Hello Friends! Today was a busy day for me ... working on my website, still figuring out what to put in Country Sampler, and just updating ... did however manage some time in the sun, and of course some house cleaning! It is summer, so I lag on that sometimes! I at least did a little rearranging .. you know me I love to do that! My candle order arrived today with a couple of new things ... Pantry Melts ~ love them! I have them in lavender and 1821 and are they fragrant! Check under candles for those. They look great in a bowl, shelf or a crock. You would not believe how fragrant the room smells (of course I had to try them out!) they can also be used in your wax warmers ... Another candle I ordered is my ever so popular log cabin, this time in a grungy jar so it is versatile ~ once the candle is done being used drop in a votive or even a battery taper for a nice glow to a great primitive candle holder! I am expecting another order in on Friday, so I will be busy stocking for part of the day ~ but I do have my "helpers"!

I will be on vacation Sunday through Wednesday but will still be around to address any questions so please email me. Orders will ship out on Thursday or Friday.

I am thinking to myself that the summer is going by so fast now ~ before I know it the boys will be in school ~ another school year to make me feel old! LOL. August is around the corner. The weather has been hot but wonderful to beable to be out doing things instead of the trapping feel of snow! I love the four seasons, don't get me wrong but not ready yet!

Well I hope that your day was good for you! Until I blog again have a blessful day! ~~Bobbie

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