Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday Tuesday

Hmm...Tuesday already! I am busy working on some witch hat ornies and finished my prim wreaths! I am finally getting to WORK! I will be at the Huntley Farmer's Market this Saturday...those that are close mark down the date ... there are some activities planned and entertainment ...check out Huntley's website for the details. I went browsing through one of teh few country stores that are left in my area today ...so refreshing. I did manage to find a unique witch hat made from a rusty tin, a couple of witch cork coasters and one little scarecrow plate ...yep I love other peoples finds too! I was reading in my Country Business magazine this week about the economy and what is suffering, I know we are personally with my hubby out of work, but I like the others are finding other ways to give a lift to oneself and that is small indulgences...like fragrances, small items for around the home, and seasonal merchandise. They are saying the small ticket items are the ones that people are buying for it gives them the little left they need sometimes...I know I need it. I have my faith also, that this all will work out for us in maybe not the way I would want, but maybe what will be best for my family. Many lessons are learned on ones' journey and you have to be quiet for a moment to listen. Well that is all for now, I will post some pics of my finds and of the wreaths and hats that I finally finished ..yippee!!

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