Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another Busy Day

Boy have I been busy working away at my prims for this weeks fall fest. I have had little time for some updates. I wanted to post my witch cauldron that I love! It is hand-stitched and as grungy as a cauldron can get ...some sweet pumpkin pips are added and don't forget to stir up this brew with two grungy candles and a cinnamon stick. About 10" wide and 10" tall...a sure great piece to add to that halloween decor. I will be listing it in my store and on Etsy. I am also offering it here for $25.99 including shipping charges, just contact me I can send you a bill. Well... must get back to business ... Please pray for me that there will be no rain on Saturday ... it is in the forecast. Hope your day was blessful ~~Bobbie
PS...also posting some other projects ...they will be also listed


  1. I really llike your work. Hope Saturday's weather is good.


  2. Love the snowman, I am partial to them, I have a huge collection. :)

  3. Thanks so much for the nice comments ... I appreciate them very much! Saturdays weather was good ~ Thank goodness ... now for the next weekend events! ~Bobbie