Thursday, September 17, 2009

Added Rapid Cart to my Blog

Zach on the bench...

Adam at third base ....

Well tried something new tonight ... not sure how it will be. I am trying the rapid cart on my blog for the items I have listed on Artfire. is pretty far down in my blog so you have to scroll down a bit. I am working on a new blog page, one that will match my website ... well Brenda is from Hattie's Workshop! I have way too much going on here and need some new space for it all ... so watch for it in the coming weeks.... I think I will celebrate that with my first giveaway ... it will be a prim one indeed! Well that is all for now ... take care and visit with you soon! ~~Bobbie PS....some pics of the outdoor fall decorating I did ...I will probably rearrange it by the time it all posts LOL! Can't forget my boys at their game this week ... they lost :(

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