Monday, August 31, 2009

Hello ...

Good Monday to all! Well I have been busy doing absolutely nothing today! Well I shouldn't say that I did mangage to sew a few things ...and check out some other Blogs ...I love to read up on everyone which I have not been doing lately ... but then again I do have more time with the kids back in school. Today turned out to be a very sunny day around here ...harsh on the eyes I might say but I am not complaining did get down to 45 degrees last night (Brrr!) so the pool got drained today ~ sorry to see the end of summer go. Labor day is upon us so we do have some plans ... my second to last time for the Farmer's Market this season. It has been a interesting summer at the market which I have to say I truly enjoyed. I have a few other shows in mind so I better get movin' on them! Hope your day that you are having is a nice one ~ I will blog again soon! ~~Bobbie

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