Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beautiful Pumpkin Squash & Ghourds

What a beautiful array of colors I found at my local grocer ... love the little white pumpkins ... they are so perfect and the bright pumpkin squash ...had to add a couple of ghords to the mix. I bought these to put out in my planters ... but they look so nice in my treen bowl on the coffee table that I think they will stay inside. The kitty kinda like them ... they must have the earthy smell to them! Anyway had to take a photo ... of course a few more to liven up the blog today! My little "keeper" made his way into the pics as well! I can't believe how my little guy is growing up! Adam has started the fifth grade out well (so far)! He is lovin his teachers, and classmates and the overall routine of fifth grade. Anyway wanted to share with you today ... hope your day is going well ~ mine will continue with some housework, crafting and ending with baseball tonight ... boys have a game and what a beautiful day to have it...sunshine all about! Dinner is in the crock pot ... just a roast which 3 out of the 4 in our family will eat! Mr. Keeper will not ... grilled cheese again for him! I think that is why he stays so darn skinny!! I am going to be approaching my 20th follower and it is time for a FREE giveaway so stayed tuned it will be announced on the next day or so ...til then, have yourself a great day and blog with ya soon! ~~ Bobbie
PS... Don't forget to head on over to my ETSY shop ... I am doing dollar shipping this week...it ends the 18th!! Also some sales in my store ... TARTS are here in Winter scents check them out they are 4 for $5.00...they are the BEST around!! Thanks & God Bless!!


  1. Hi, Glad that you found my blog. I can see I am going to enjoy reading yours! Now I will go and check out your Etsy.

  2. Thanks so much Linda ... will keep in touch with you as well ... I love to read the blogs! Take care and "see" you soon!!