Friday, May 29, 2009

Last days of May

Can you believe that May is almost over? My how the months seem to fly by. I have said it before, that I feel life goes faster when the kids are in school. My oldest will be turning 12 in about week, and entering the 7th grade come fall. Unbelievable to me since it seems I was just holding him, and watching him roll around the floor! It is hard to look at the baby pictures ... I feel like crying! LOL!! Anyway as I look back and wonder about all the things I worried about I guess they were not so bad, for it has gotten me to this point of my far! Well for this week, I have been busy preparing for the next Market show coming next week, hoping for better weather this time around. I have some new garden stakes to offer as well as towel sets and runners ... can't forget the new candles too! They seemed to be a big hit, so I am hopeful. The start of summer also brings a bit of busy-ness ... between baseball, helping out with the neighborhood block party, a progressive dinner night with the neighbors, graduation parties, helping with the church picnic, and a hopeful few days away for a vacation (somewhere) keeps me busy and gives us much to look forward to this summer.

Today I am working on some new ideas for the store, as always, cleaning house, and taking the kids (and a friend) right from school to go and see Up at the theatre. We love Pixar movies and hear this is a good one. The weekend brings us to the baseball field for a game early tomorrow then hopefully home for the rest of the weekend ... I need to re-arrange some perennials that have overgrown an area. Well that is it for now, I hope that you have a nice weekend with whatever you may do! The pic is a really cute faucet garden stake & a new on the market Saltbox House both available in my store for purchase. I have tiny rusty bucket that look adorable on the stake as well as the raindrop ... I love these! So unique!


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