Monday, June 8, 2009

June Already!

My how June has begun already ... time does go fast. Today was the last day of school for the boys... I now have a 5th and 7th grader! They made it through! They are both looking forward to a summer of playing with their neighborhood friends ... which they are doing right now. Few things are planned for us this summer, but for the most part we will be home like many in the USA this summer. For me, I am working on some new things for the store, and Farmer's market ... which by the way went well this past Saturday. I have concentrated on some wreaths that seemed to have done well. I used a crow tart on some of them that just looks adorable & prim! I will post later when I make up a few more for the next show. With the kids home it will be hard to work on some of my projects, but will have to so I can prepare for the fall season that will quickly approach. My younger one has the crafting bug so I am sure he will be joining me in the "workshop". Anyway that is all for now, just wanted to post an update since it has been over a week ... pictures are on the way of the newbies ...
Take care ... Bobbie


  1. Hi Bobbie...have fun this summer! Can you believe we still have two weeks left of school!! I will then have a 7th grader, too! Can't wait to see your wreaths! ~~Annie

  2. Hi Annie! Have a nice summer yourself! Two weeks left? When do your kids start school? We got out late because of snow days and the teacher strike .. so four days later then originally. The wreaths are coming ... I need new batteries in the camera ... Take care ~Bobbie