Monday, May 18, 2009


Well it is Monday here...finished off a few new things and added to Artfire! & Etsy. New photo's to the photbucket and painted some new crates...and still there is much to do. I think that I am starting to feel something coming on, but I am not is slowing me down a bit. Anyway the weekend in my neck of the woods was a nice one. I made it to my first outdoor craft fair for this year and the weather could not have been nicer. I made some purchases like every admiring crafter does. I am excited for the new table/bench that I purchased not knowing where it would go...but if you know me I like to rearrange so it now it perfect in the family room. You will see a glimse of it in a photo that I am posting. Also found a unique bird feeder, which I am not going to use for the little guys for they are poopin' all over my front and backyard...even the kids trampoline...yuck! So it will be a decorative one out there...sorry birdies! Discovered a new bikini for the goose this 11 year old picked it out, a purple one...LOL. Can't forget those dip packets that everyone seems to bring to the shows also...a few new flavors I seen for the summer, pina colada and a raspberry one YUMMY. All in all I really had quite a day at the fair! I hope that you had a nice weekend yourself! I will blog with you soon! Pictured is a new pantry box that is primmed up and tied with twine and sweet annie, use it on a table top or for use as a gift box...My other photo is my very simple Star on a textile bobbin with tin "Americana" sign drapped and sweet annie tucked inside...and two pantry boxes with aged these! You can check them out on ETSY & Artfire! for more details.

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