Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday October 1st Already!

Punched Willow Lamp ..4-way~ $109.99
Milk House Lamp..4-way ~ $109.99

Wow .... September flew by! Kids are in school for about 6 weeks now and my life feels like it fast forwarded! My oldest is on a "8th" grade field trip to Springfield, IL and he is happy :) LOVES history and I know he will enjoy this one...of course it helps that he is on a beautiful motor coach bus, stopping for dinner at the local buffet and just being with his school friends!He left at 5:30 this morning and will be back late tonight. I said a prayer that they all will be safe.

It is a beautiful Fall day is here in Huntley (except for the clouds that just rolled in) and I am inside cleaning house! Also finishing some orders and of course playing with Murphy. Had to post a few new pics of him ... he is getting big...4 months and 35 lbs. Most of the halloween decorating is done outside courtesy of my younger son, he loves a spooky house...I tried this year. I am hoping to go to a fall festival this weekend, but time is always short for us with baseball. My neice gets married the following weekend, Columbus Day weekend and that is a huge crafting weekend! She forgot to consult me ..LOL. Hopefully it will be a beautiful day for her. Well anyday you get married is a beautiful one.
Well don't forget to head over to the store when you have a chance. Lamps were added ... yes blurry pictures, I don't know why I am trying to fix quickly!
May your weekend be blessed! ~~Bobbie

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