Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunny Sunday

What a beautiful day today ~ Love the sunshine in my neck of the woods ... great day to watch some football (of course the BEARS) ... make something good in a crock (which I am not! LOL, we are going out to dinner tonight ..yeah!) ...and a great day to post some pics of the house and the halloween spirit! There are a few, comments welcomed! I love to decorate, this year not so much, I am feeling simple this year! Plus I have a few new treasures that I just wanted to admire :) ... Mr. Jackson is a headless guy and Ms. Gretchen with her pumpkin head ... love these new dolls! A few other additions, the white pumpkin and a sign or two! I am in the midst of rearranging some wall groupings so I can paint, would love to before the holidays...we will see about that! Last night we went to a "haunted house" someone in one of the subdivisions goes all out for halloween ~ Love his house, very spooky and very well done! My if only I could accomplish that! We will settle for our tiny graveyard, spooky kitty, spooky tree and cat eyes in the windows! A few light ups here and there ...Love to see the halloween spirit all around!

Well I hope that your Sunday is a great one too! Until I blog again may you be blessed ~~Bobbie

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