Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Monday Night All!

11 x 17 Framed Pumpkin Print
Witch Hats ~ set of 3 ~ Handmade

Prim Halloween Stacking Boxes ~ Set of 3 ~ Handmade
Prim Halloween Candle Light ~ Grungy Jar, Witch Brew with Battery Tealight

Mini Resin Pumpkins ~ Set of 4
Phew... the Bears just scored! Won't be a shut out against the Packers if they do happen to win ... love Monday Night Football ~ don't know why but I do! Maybe because I love the Fall and it is Football weather afterall! Today brought plenty of sunshine and cool temps so my pumpkins will stop melting and mums will come back to life! Started to decorate outside for Halloween ... just need to get the "graveyard" together. My kids are requesting a spookier house this year so we will see what Mom can do! I will post some pics when done. As for the indoors it is about 25% decorated only because of the new things I bought! LOL have to go down and get the boxes ...and yes I dread it. I LOVE to decorate Love everything about the season but this year it is just lagging ~ maybe because I have been sick, kids sick and the care of my parents, which has not been much I am sorry to say lately...but all is good. I have put much time into my kids between school work and sports, Religious Ed and so forth. I am always on the run as most of us are that have kids and outside complaints :) this is always what I wanted to be! Anyway with that being said I am busy myself with the store ... new things are coming and going ...and some great needfuls are listed...if I ever figure out how to add to the site the pictures and items will be there soon! Sometimes I am so computer illiterate!
I do hope that all is well with you, and I thank you for reading my blog today, I know I have been lagging! As always if you ahve any questions just please let me know I am pretty quick to answer them :)....
Did I mention this new pup we have keeps me busy too!!?? My how I forgot about puppies ... he is a handful and like a child !! He is sleeping on the couch with his head on the pillow ... he is sure apart of this family! Our Bailey is in doggie heaven thinking and shaking her head "what are you letting him do!" He is four months already! And about 36 lbs! He is halfway to his ideal weight, please no more! I dont want the 100 lb Lab! LOL.Here are some pics of items available in the store of you don't have time to browse ~ but be sure to come back! Have a wonderful rest of your evening and til I blog again may you be blessed ~~Bobbie

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