Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good Wednesday to All ~

New Wood Tray ... Love it!
Finally found a home :0)

New Mustard Shelf in my Kitchen

Hello All ~ Hope today brought you a little sunshine :0) ... another beautiful fall day around here ~ we are so lucky! Sunshine is the best medicine! Today was a busy day for me ... attended my bible study with my friends at church, love this group of ladies, we have so much in common and really know what each other feels at times ... I think its great therapy :0) ... then I decided instead of running around doing mindless errands I would come home ... Murphy and I decided to rearrange the family room for the next season ... he found some of his long lost toys ... for me its a good way to do some cleaning ... it also gives me a lift. I am trying each day to "purge" starting slowly but my goal is 10 things a day, and they can be small things, they either go into a big box that will go to Goodwill, or see if anyone can use it...I feel weighed down sometimes with the clutter. Took some new photos of my house, when I posted the last I did not like how some things were so I switched it! Sometimes you need a photo to see what is wrong with a grouping. Well that is enough chatter for now, I have to finish preparing dinner before honey is home :) Meatloaf tonight ... haven't had it since last season! Which also by the way we will be celebrating a year of employment on the 26th! So much to be thankful for! Well until I blog again may your day be full of little blessings ~ Bobbie

PS.... Enjoy the pics ... and comments are always welcomed! Oh and don't forget to stop by the store, I filled it with some new towels, table runners, table cloths for christmas! Yes, it will be here sooner than we want! Check under "What's New" also some new lamps that are just wonderful!

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