Sunday, August 15, 2010

A New Member of the Family

We have a new member of our family, a 10 week old male yellow lab! His name is Murphy and we love him so much already ... For those that know me we had a chocolate lab named Bailey that we had to put down two years ago. It has been hard and she is missed so much. My husband and I share many great moments in our life with that doggie! If you seen the movie Marley and Me, that was our story almost exactly. She was our "first" and had a mind of her own...I remember moments of me just getting my little Adam to sleep after a battle of overtierdness and she would start barking at a squirrel or whatever else ... I wanted to strangle her but afterall I knew she was "protecting" us. This little guy I hope will give us many memories with the kids who are now a bit older. Zach loves him and now has discovered how hard it is to take care of a 'baby" ...newness has not warn off but he feels the tierdness of getting up with him and watching him like a hawk so he doesn't get into mischief!

For Country Store at Your Door news, I am switching my server sometime this week, the change should not cause any delays but just in case email me if you are having a hard time viewing the store ... I am still open 24/7. Be sure to check out the new fall things available ... decorating is right around the corner! I personally bought a fall goose outfit today ~ SHE needed something new to wear! Won't be long til she is wearing it!

Well til next time I blog may you be blessed with a happy day!


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