Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Finally the decision was made..

Well I dropped off my items to Country Sampler today ~ I made up a new basket for the winter/christmas season .. then the mantel runner with the snowmen and cardinals will be joining in .. along with two of the wood snowmen plates ~ hits newstands mid November ..Dec/Jan 2011 issue. Wish me luck!

Had a nice lunch with hubby, but he did not let me visit any of my favorite country stores along the way :( ... there is always next time ~ without hom! :) ...

Anyway some new family news to share ... I will be a Great Aunt! My neice is having her first baby in February ... I am too young to be a great auntie !! LOL. I just pray all will go well ...

It is very humid around here today .. some of my flowers are happy and some not so much...the grass is however green from all the rain. ....but here comes the weeds ...I will have to get out there soon! Also have a new "friend" digging their way under our window well ~ don't know who it is but will soon be evicted!

Anyway ... hope your day went well! Til next time BleSSingS to you! ~Bobbie

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