Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Wonderful Thursday ...

Started with a miserable headache .. thank goodness for McDonalds iced coffee to make me feel better :) !! The house is now loaded with kids doing voices for Zach's new stop motion video that he has been working on ... I am happy that he has a interest in video making. It is a nice summer day ~ sun is shining and low humidity ... would love to sit out for awhile but too much to do on the inside.
The decision has been made, thankfully, of who will care for my mom while dad is recovering. It is a big lift off my mind. I hope that all will go well ~ keep saying those prayers!
Country Store is keeping busy, some new fall things have been added ... I love the mini resin pumpkins and the sheep mat ~ and the cutest pumpkin doll! Just darling to put on a table. I received my headless horseman last week from a fellow primitive crafter, Kindered Spirits ... I LOVE him and he is sitting on a shelf ~ too cute to put away eventhough he doesn't belong yet!
Tonight I have a book club get together, the book was "Left to Tell" very insightful, very inspiring that through prayer all things are possible.
Not too much else to report today just wanted to give a quick update on the store and life in general! Hope today is bringing you peace ~ til next time may your day be blessed! ~~Bobbie

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