Sunday, August 8, 2010

End of a weekend ...

Well it is Sunday night already ... a bit muggy in my neck of the woods ~ fighting the mosquitos as I try to water some flowers outside! Ugh hate those guys! Anyway it was a nice weekend, not too much that I did, but managed to "help" the kids and their bedrooms! It was getting a bit messy! I feel so much better when things are in order!
I am working on a new project, Candlestick Nightlights, they will be available in my store soon ~ They are just a wonderful new light to add to your home ~ about 3" tall and each have a black base and the candlestick and tip have been dipped muliple times in my wax. They say these will last 11 years! It is a LED light, energy efficient...using only $.12 a year based on a $.08 per KWHR. This LED is brighter than the ones you see on the market. Give your kitchen, bathroom or hallway a little prim lighting at a great low cost! I think they are so pretty. Each one is hand-dipped and will not look exactly the same.
That is all for now ~ I hope your weekend was nice!

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