Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Fall Items are Arriving

Happy July to all my friends!  Summer is going by so fast - it's been awhile since I posted anything new, I am sorry for that! I do hope your summer is going well - the heat has certainly turned on in my neck of the woods, but its summer and we are enjoying it.  My oldest has graduated, and now is looking forward to Freshman year.  He has joined the football team for the high school and is in the summer camp for it, ending this friday, I am proud he made it through the heat & the training, and lots more to come :)  My youngest finished out baseball and is looking forward to fall baseball starting soon.  His team came in fourth in the County, great moment for him.  My Murphy is enjoying his first "real" summer, he was just a pup last year.  He loves his little pool to cool off in, being outside and trapsing still through my flowers :( ... he is a good boy though. 
As for the store, summer was busy, still is with Americana and other stuff going out - I am adding new fall, and slowly winter/Christmas will come.  I am posting a few pics of my favorites. Please stop by the store when you have a chance to.  I am going to be in the Country Sampler in September, well just the runner from last year is :)  The Snowman Mantle Runner, it was and still is a highly popular item. 
As always I love hearing from you, if you have any questions or comments please email me - I am always available.  Please sign up for my newsletters, I do not flood your inbox, only sent out four or five a year - and be sure to follow my blog - Thanks so much for all your support, I truly appreciate it!
blessings ~ Bobbie
Autumn Leaves, set of 6, $19.99

Four Pumpkins, $12.99

Candy Corn with Mouse, $19.99

Wood Drawer/Shelf, $73.99

Rachel, $20.99

Scarecrow Joe, $54.99

Spookey Spiders, 18" Runner, $18.99

Miss Elizabeth Mouse, $12.99

Resin Pumpkin Set, $18.99

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