Friday, August 26, 2011

August over ... already? New Payment Plan For My Store

Uh oh ... sorry for the long delay between posts! This is a short one today - Just some store news ... As I am adding new Christmas/Winter and of course Fall I am keeping all my customers in mind - I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get what you would like without paying for it at once - I know many of us are struggling with the economy -- but we still love to decorate!  So what I would like to offer is a payment plan if you wish to use it - simple as placing an order, don't pay, just comment in checkout section you want to make payments - I am flexible with whatever works for you - We can arrange a payment that works for you and however long you want it to be for.  I will send you a bill through paypal, or mail a statement, with whatever amount we arranged - take up to 3 months to pay.  You can pay through paypal, use e-check or even mail a check.  Be careful with the holiday months to insure delivery - Example: You spend $70, you want to pay half now ($35) then divide the remainder over 4 weeks (approx $8 a week).  Once the balance is paid in full your merchandise will ship out - I will notify you of any back-orders prior to shipping.  I hope that this will work for us all.  Please let me know if you should have any questions or problems.  This is a new feature that I hope will ease everyone's pocket books.  I only ask once the order is placed, I receive your first payment within 7 days.
Blessings to you!  I will post again very soon!  Have some new products to share with everyone!  ~~Bobbie

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