Monday, May 9, 2011

~ ~Pictures to Share ~ ~

Hello Friends ~ Hope you had a enjoyable weekend, and a wonderful week ahead.  Mother's Day weekend was very nice, started on some of my flowers and clean-up of beds and such .. much left to do.  I wanted to share some of the outside pics with you along with a few others :)  I will blog soon! Blessings to you ~~ Bobbie

Adam on second base, first game of the season

Zachary holding Quinn on Easter

"Great" Grandma holding Quinn

New Wheelbarrow for the backyard :) Great Find for me!

I love Flowers!  I hope they still look like this in July! Front porch view.

Look really close, there is a finch in the center, surpirsed he let me close :)  Must love the thistle i give him!

My favorite Wood Chair, this year featuring viola's in a aged bucket.

Mr. Mischief ... Murphy almost one year old .. yep he loves eating the flowers.

Front step Flowers ...

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