Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sunflowers in Bloom

Sunflowers in Bloom

Bussy Bee

Window Paddle, $7.99

Jonny on the Cobb, $48.99

Reflector Candle Holder, $12.99

SpOOky Runner, $18.99

Ghost in the OUTHOUSE!, $8.99

Lovely and Full ~ my younger son decided to plant these seeds in the spring ... to my surprise they bloomed!  He scattered many and we got three nice size stalks - I love when they bloom!  The bumbler's are on them pollinating away :) It is a sure sign of the fall months to come. Cooler temps for the week which I love especially when the kids are back in school ... I have not switched out my seasons yet ... don't know what I am waiting for! It's my favorite time, PumPkIns, CrOws, AuTuMn Colors and such - hopefully tomorrow :)  I think I am just getting used to my kids being gone all day!  My oldest is a Freshman now, he is liking the sort of "freedom" from middle school, so far so good :) He joined the Freshman Football team, broke his arm first day in pads - hopefully he will be back next week.  My youngest, 7th grader, started school for the first time with no troubles :) He plays baseball for our local team here in Huntley ... he is loving his time on the mound.  As for the Murph update - he had a good summer, playing in his pool and such. Last night he decided to take his own walk, well run, around the neighborhood - thank goodness for the neighborhood friends to get him back! He is still a pup...always causing some kind of mischeif!
Well for the store news, lots of new additions came in - always check under "Whats New" I try my best to keep it updated with the current season, one season ahead and everyday items. I rotate it out every month if not sooner.  Please if you have not sign up for my store newsletter, It's a good way to stay in touch and see what I am up to - the holidays are coming and I will be doing some promotions.  Don't worry I do not flood your inbox every week! I am lucky to get a newsletter out once every month!  Eventhough we are in the Autumn months, please take a look over in winter - great santa's, snowmen and other holiday goodies - already a few things have been sold out for the season -
In my previous blog I spoke of a new payment option - it is still available! Contact me for more details - In this economy I especially know its hard so I am trying to make purchases simple and affordable for all.
That is it for now - I am leaving a few pics of Adam's Sunflowers and some new things that were added to the store - AutUmN BleSSingS to you!  ~~BOBBIE

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