Monday, November 1, 2010

Holiday Season Upon Us

PrImItive ChrIsTmaS TreE's ~ Bowl Fillers, on ETSY.


When I think about it I just can't believe how fast the seasons go. I think I blogged about this before, having children just make the time go so fast sometimes. I thought to myself a couple of days ago on how I took my children trick or treating, with the wagon and the dog, and I really thought to myself I hope that I enjoyed that moment in my life. Brings tears sometimes to my eyes ... all I ever wanted was to be a "Mom" and here it is ... am I enjoying it enough? I have been so blessed, and do thank God for it, but I hope that I am not getting to caught up in the bad moments that it overshadows the good stuff! I belong to a group at my church, St. Mary's, and these ladies that I meet really help me understand some of these times in my life. We each help each other in a way...another blessing in my life. Well today is All Saints Day ~ A time to reflect, for me it was at Eucharistic Adoration to beable to sit and be still for a moment in a darkened church, a special time for me.

On another note, the Halloween is down outside, my goose is dressed in her pilgrim outfit. Such a peaceful time, pilgrims and turkies ~ As my readers know ... I love the fall. Tomorrow I will take down the inside stuff, and yes purge the old stuff. I will be donating it to a local second hand store. I am doing well with this area in my life, one big box, a black bag full of clothing and I think one more box will be ready to go on Wednesday! My children are home three days this week ~ teacher conferences. I hope the weather can hold out for a couple of more days of football. So it will be a busier week.

Projects I am working on ... my Primitive Snowman Hats ~ sold a few on ETSY ... wow! Very HaPpY! So working on those since winter decorating is upon us! I have my regular orders to fill, which I am blessed to have... I love my website, love my store, and all the friends that I get to meet through there. Picture posted is my winter tree bowl fillers listed on ETSY, love the pRiM! I also have a newer project, little woolies ... ornaments ~ mittens and stockings, so prim for your tree. I can't post any pics since my son lost the camera cord, need to find it ASAP!

Well that is all ~ I will blog with you soon ~ I hope your day was nice, and til again, may you be blessed!


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