Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Found my cord! Yeah! Was able to download my pictures ~ I am sharing Adam's first band concert, of course Murphy had to take the photo too ... Zach and Murphy (A boy's best friend) ... Adam as a baseball player (he really thought out this years costume (LOL) and our carved pumpkins ... Then there is Murphy in his Pirate's Hat (lasted for about a minute - but he is a ham when it comes to a photo oppertunity! ...Lastly my goose in her Pilgrim atire, yep another Halloween has come and gone! I am thrilled that the sun is shining still on us and mild temps!

Okay back to work! Halloween is down in my house ... time to dust then find the Pilgrims and Turkey's!



  1. Must get my Thanksgiving decorations out too. What a lovely blog you have. I am looking forward to many more visits. Please stop by for a visit to my blog and perhaps follow if you would like.