Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March is Here!

Lovely Geranium Pot, filled with spanish moss. - how pretty and it won't die :)

Okay ... I can't believe it has been this long since my last blog post :( I am sorry! As for most February is a long month, eventhough it has only 28 days in it! Anyway looking forward to some springtime weather but I think we are still going to be waiting a few more weeks. For my personally, I have a new great nephew, Quinn, and he is a keeper! I have gotten to hold him once already and looking forward to the next time :) Yes, I am 40 and can't believe I have a baby from my niece! LOL. Anyway my children, hubby and pup are all doing A-OK. Basketball season is over, time for baseball (Yea!) my 11 year old is in pitching camp til "spring" practice can officially begin (please be a early spring!) ...both kids are doing well in school, Zach is a little more than half-way to graduation (8th grade) WOW to me! :) ... Murphy the pup, now 9 mo and a pistol will be starting school himself to work on some areas of need :) ... too smart, but he is a lab, has discovered if he is attached to the stake in the front yard, he should just dig it up to "run" free, I am glad we caught him in time from the huge hole he was about to dig in the front! He is starting to slowly "prune" my shrubs in the front seeing he took care of most of them in the back during the course of the winter. Please let my beautiful hydrangea come back to life :) ... anyway things are okay with my family... I do hope that all is well with you!

Now for the store news, I have not gotten out a new newsletter, I hope to in the next week. New spring is in the store, and limited quanties of spring pips are left. Remember if your looking for something in particular give me a email and I will do my best to find it for you. My only pic is of the lovely pot of geraniums, this is the mood I am in :) Ready for some fresh colors.!

Until I blog again may you be blessed! ~~Bobbie


  1. I love the beautiful red geraniums also! Glad to hear that everything is a-ok in your world. Sounds like my family-- busy, busy. I hope you all have a wonderful week~

  2. Thanks so much Angie :) I hope all is well with you also!