Thursday, March 31, 2011

March is Ending...??

Wow ... Has it been that long since I blogged?  What happened to March?  Busy Busy I guess!  Well on a personal note it has been busy in my house, a new baby in the family is bringing some joy - My niece made a visit this week with little Quinn, and brought her brother too!  It just does not seem that long ago that I was the one picking them up (my niece and nephew) and having MY babies along!  It was a very nice visit, just wish the weather was warmer to be outside. 
The boys are on Spring break, so we just have been doing some things around the home, & they of course have been keeping busy with friends. Today was nice, just the three of us went to lunch & some shopping.  FUN in my book, for them not so much. 
The Murph update, hmmm.... he is a handful this week for some reason.  Did a bit of destroying when I thought we were done with this puppy stuff.  I no longer can dress my goose outside, for he tears off the clothes, even managed to drag the CEMENT goose of the step and put a nice crack in the neck.  I no longer have an eye in one of my bird statues, and my sweet stuffed bunny is no more ... he unstuffed her and ate the leg and arm for dessert.  Yes my Murphy reminds me he is still a puppy and do not turn my back on him :)  Puppy classes though have been going well, go figure??
The youngest is starting his baseball season, hopefully more practices as the weather is starting to get a little better ... right Mother Nature?  He is getting so much stronger, and has his eye on the mound for the season.  The other son is starting his caddy training - let's hope that goes well, he is looking forward to a job and making some money this summer. 
We are half-way through Lent and our promises of what we gave up - for me chocolate, donuts/cookies and such, well I cheated this past Sunday which they say its okay on a Sunday but I don't remember that rule growing up - It's not so easy when you NEED that piece of chocolate!  But what got me was the nutcups at our parish mission!  It was Sunday-Tuesday night, so Sunday was the only fall I had.  The parish mission was very uplifing, a very nice renewal for us & really made us think about the important things in our lives...letting go and giving more spiritually. 
My attention has also been going to a site that I learned about from Rock River Stitches Blog post, The Decorah Eagles ... so cool.  Momma eagle is about to hatch her babies ... this is a live cam on a Eagles nest,  there are three eggs - very interesting. Check it out when you have a chance to - just google Decorah Eagles and it is sure to come up. 
Everything else is just fine otherwise.  Looking forward, as all I am sure to some warmer weather.
For the store news, few new things, Spring is here, thinking about some Garden accents - the Daisy Stakes are in and just such a nice trio, & the Carrot Stakes are just so spring!  Don't forget the Carrot Patch Runner, Egg Tree, Mini Eggs & a sweet set of Carrots for a spring lift. The everyday Wax Warmer, non-electric, is really a nice addition as well - All wax warmers are coming with a free tart too!  When you have the time come on over to the store, you are always welcome :)  Any questions that you may have I am always here to help ...

Well til next time, may you be blessed!  ~~ Bobbie

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  1. I agree... where did March go? Where has the year gone?? April is already half over? Having kids around, especially when they are in sports, keeps you hopping for sure. This is the first spring in 8 years that my kids didn't want to play baseball/softball. Whew! So nice to have our spring back! Enjoy yours!