Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Taste of Spring ... decorating that is!

Sweet set of six chicks, $19.99
Set of 4 eggs in cello bag, $8.99

mini green leaves wreath, $5.25

16" Easter Egg Tree, $17.99

18" Felt Carrot Patch Runner, $18.99

New items added to the store! -I wanted to share some pictures of them with you - Love the Egg tree, carrot patch runner, mini green leaves wreath & prim paper mache eggs that I added ... be sure to stop by and take a look around ... remember to sign up for my newsletter if you have not done so, and also follow my blog - you never know what kind of goodies I will put on here! I appreciate all my new friends of my store, and followers! It means the world to me that you stopped by to see what I am up too! I hope that the New Year is off to a nice start for you as well! For us, my hubby has been sick with the flu, head cold and now a kidney stone! I hope that this is it for him this year! Thank God my kids have been okay and me too! We caught the flu but not nearly as bad as what he had. The cold weather we are having will freeze everything again, so hopefully germ-free :) ... I am not only busy at my store, but also planning a baby shower for my neice who is also my God-daughter, we are excited to have a new baby in the family, its been 11 years since the last one (my son, Adam). Well that is all for now, until I blog again may you be blessed ~~ Bobbie


  1. Bobbie, Thanks for peeking at my blog. It has been fun and I have met so many great bloggers! Congrats on being in CS, Sandy from Poppy Seeds was in that issue as well...
    I have been selling my prims out of her shop for about 3 years now, a great prim shop, so hard to come by them! OLM

  2. Beautiful spring offerings!

    My husband just went through the kidney stone ordeal so I feel for you! It was rough for both of us. Also, I am just now getting over a head cold that I've had since Christmas evening. I've kinda been in a daze... now that I'm coming out of it I can't believe Valentine's Day is less than a month away!

    Hope your hubby feels well soon! Have fun with the shower, that's awesome to have a new baby around!