Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Too long since an update from me!

HElloooo ALL!
Wow my how time does fly. I am sorry for no updates. All is well in my home lately. We just came home from out family vacation to Disney World, it was long overdue since hubby was out of work for so long. We all appreciated it and are happy to be home.... for all you in the south how do you deal with the humidity! LOL! I thought I was not going to make it home! Today I am catching up on some business and what a day to do it for it is raining here :( .... maybe the Florida sunshine is not so bad right now. Anyway The Boys are HAPPY to be on summer vacation as I am sure all kids are. Don't know of "their" plans other than hanging out with neighborhood friends. For me I hope to accomplish some more red/white/blue prims and start on some fall! My site is going to be updated with some new things this week, a door board, pantry boxes and another summer picture or two. Wherever you are I hope that your enjoying your day! I am going to make it a goal to update every week this summer! Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!

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